Africa – top 10 honeymoon destinations

Hurray! 🙂 We have officially visited all 54 sovereign countries of Africa! We have met some exceptionally friendly people, visited the most extraordinary places, enjoyed Africa’s infinite positivity, planted a lot of trees, fought for peace, and found tons of love along the way. ♥️
As we are (also) in search of the best honeymoon destinations, we tried to visit each country’s most romantic places. So here they are … Africa’s top honeymoon destinations (in our humble opinion, of course). 🙂

1. Tanzania / Kenya
Gorgeous tropical beaches, luxury resorts, great weather, welcoming people, positive atmosphere, unparalleled biodiversity, and even the best safari adventures in the world! Tanzania and Kenya are the perfect adventurous honeymoon destinations! ♥️

2. Seychelles
Well, of course, Seychelles! 😉 It is hard to find a group of tropical islands that offer more beauty and adventures than the stunning Seychelles. This amazing country offers turquoise waters, white sand beaches, spectacular rocks, lush jungles, delicious tropical fruit, and the typical island laid-back vibe. ♥️

3. Botswana / Zimbabwe / Zambia
These three countries are awesome! And as they are neighboring countries, it’s really simple to visit all of them. Make sure to visit a safari, maybe a San village, and, of course, the breathtaking Victoria Falls. ♥️

4. Namibia
Namibia blew our minds with its diverse landscapes, endless desserts, beautiful national parks, spectacular rock formations, picturesque coastal towns, friendly people, and delicious cuisine. It is one of the most wonderful countries in Africa and a great honeymoon destination! ♥️

5. Ethiopia
Ethiopia is home to some of the most extraordinary places on Earth. Take the Danakil Depression, for example. Some people call it Hell on Earth (as it is the hottest place in the world), we call it what it is – a true wonder of nature. If you add their interesting and super diverse culture, their biodiversity, and great food you get an amazing honeymoon destination. ♥️

6. Egypt
Egypt has everything – unparalleled historic monuments, rich history, romantic landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Plus, it is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. We loved it and we’re certain that you will love it too! ♥️

7. South Africa
We have only been to Cape Town, but we immediately fell in love with this amazing city. We loved its white-sand beaches, cute penguins, colorful streets full of great restaurants and stylish coffee shops, peaceful green surroundings, and, of course, the unique mountains in the middle of the city. ♥️

8. Morocco / Tunisia
To experience the Northern Arab Africa, you should consider visiting either Morocco or Tunisia (or both). 😉 These may be the perfect places to explore the magical combination of African, Arab, and even Mediterranean elements and cultures. ♥️

9. Madagascar
The fourth largest island in the world is known for its great natural diversity. It is home to beautiful tropical beaches, extraordinary rock formations, the stunning baobab trees, super friendly people, both cultural and biological diversity, and endless rice fields. Madagascar is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa. ♥️

10. Lesotho
Africa is a lot more than endless desserts, savannas, and tropical rainforests. There are also some mountainous countries, like Lesotho, which is the only independent state in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters in elevation. The kingdom in the sky is the country of great hiking adventures, majestic dams, breathtaking waterfalls, traditional shepherds, and countless stunning views. ♥️

As it was EXTREMELY hard to select our top 10 honeymoon destinations in Africa, we have decided to add some honorable mentions to the list. Cape Verde, Mauritius, and São Tomé and Príncipe are all stunning island nations that offer beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, countless adventures like swimming with wild dolphins, and many romantic luxury resorts. Eritrea is the perfect combination of African and Italian elements, which is reflected in the architecture, culture, and local cuisine. And then there is Rwanda, a beautiful country with a sad history. Apart from beautiful clean cities, hilly landscapes, and friendly people, Rwanda offers some the best gorilla trekking tours in the world (which can also be found in Uganda and the DRC).

As you can see, Africa is a continent of great diversity, awesome adventures, beautiful landscapes, and romantic sights. As such, it offers some of the world’s best honeymoon destinations. 😉