Country Nr 64 – Montenegro

Honeymoon in Montenegro

Country 64/196: Montenegro Destinations: Budva, Sveti Stefan, Lovćen, Kotor, Perast Montenegro is known for its rich history, delicious Adriatic cuisine, awesome nightlife, rugged mountains, lush forests, pristine lakes, stunning beaches surrounded by mountains, and its picturesque Mediterranean coastline with the many medieval fairytale towns. ♥ What to do and what to see in Montenegro? Montenegro offers a lot of diversity, however, this time around we decided to explore Montenegro's amazing coastline, including the iconic Bay of Kotor and to visit some of the most romantic medieval towns in a rocky embrace. During our stay, we managed to visit some of...

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Country Nr 63 – Slovakia

Bratislava best view

Country 63/196: Slovakia Destination: Bratislava For us, Slovakia has always been the country that is often confused with our home country - Slovenia. That is, until now. Since we have recently had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful country (even if we only got to visit its capital city) we fell in love. Slovakia is known for its rich history, spectacular castle ruins, beautiful cities, magnificent mountains (e.g. the High Tatras), diverse landscapes, and the lovely Danube river. ♥ What to do and what to see in Bratislava? Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and even though it is a...

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Country Nr 62 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country 62/196: Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) Destinations: Jajce, Pliva lakes, Sarajevo, Jablanica, Mostar, Blagaj, Kravice waterfalls Bosnia and Herzegovina is located within the Balkan Peninsula, very close to our home country - Slovenia. We have already been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we have never visited its most beautiful sites. The country is known for its rich, yet bloody history, welcoming people, diverse culture (it is home to three ethnic groups - Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs; three languages; and three religions - Muslim, Catholic or Orthodox Christian), good food, great music, many natural wonders, and breathtaking cities. B&H turned out to...

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Country Nr 61 – Hungary

Country 61/196: Hungary Destination: Budapest Hungary is an intriguing country known for its wonderful architecture, rich cultural history, tasty cuisine, spectacular spas, and difficult language - one of the few non-Indo-European languages spoken in Europe. The country's most popular attractions include Lake Balaton - the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Hévíz - the largest thermal lake in the world available to bath, Hortobágy National Park - the largest natural grasslands in Europe, charming historical cities like Szentendre, Eger, and, of course, Budapest. What to do and what to see in Budapest? The capital of Hungary is truly mesmerizing. In...

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Africa – top 10 honeymoon destinations

Hurray! :) We have officially visited all 54 sovereign countries of Africa! We have met some exceptionally friendly people, visited the most extraordinary places, enjoyed Africa's infinite positivity, planted a lot of trees, fought for peace, and found tons of love along the way. ♥️ As we are (also) in search of the best honeymoon destinations, we tried to visit each country's most romantic places. So here they are ... Africa's top honeymoon destinations (in our humble opinion, of course). :) 1. Tanzania / Kenya Gorgeous tropical beaches, luxury resorts, great weather, welcoming people, positive atmosphere, unparalleled biodiversity, and even...

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Country Nr 60 – Cape Verde

Country 60/196: Cape Verde Destination: Sal island Our last African destination was a great one - Cape Verde or more precisely Sal island. It's hard not to fall in love with this tiny island in the Atlantic, which is located almost halfway between Portugal and Brazil. Desert landscapes, beautiful beaches, a colorful city, welcoming people, spectacular salt ponds, and a gorgeous resort to celebrate (and mourn) the end of a great adventure. It was an absolute pleasure! :) ♥ What to do and what to see on Sal? Cape Verde consists of 10 islands and 5 islets off the west...

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Country Nr 59 – Central African Republic

Country 59/196: Central African Republic Destination: Bangui Our ministry of foreign affairs strongly advised us against visiting the Central African Republic as it has many safety issues. However, our project includes us traveling to all sovereign countries of the world, therefore, we had to make the trip. Still, we decided to only stay in the country for a day. Even though the government has recently reached an agreement with the armed groups the situation in the country is still far from stable, which was obvious by the number of armed soldiers and UN workers on the streets of Bangui. However,...

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Country Nr 58 – Angola

Country 58/196: Angola Destinations: Luanda, Viewpoint of the Moon Our visit to Angola turned out to be very diverse and productive. We managed to visit some of the country's top attractions, two orphanages, where we met some extraordinary people, to plant some trees, and to address one of the biggest issues in Luanda - litter, by organizing an extensive beach clean-up. We had a great time in Angola! :) What to do and what to see in Angola? Due to the long-lasting civil war, tourism in Angola is only starting to develop. However, the country has a lot to offer....

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Country Nr 57 – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Country 57/196: Democratic Republic of the Congo Destinations: Goma, Nyiragongo volcano As Ebola continues to be an issue in the DRC, we decided to visit the country for only two days and to spend it in nature, far from the dangerous disease. The plan was to visit the DRC in December, but as Virunga National Park was closed from June 2018 due to some security concerns, we adjusted our plans and visited the first national park in the world in March. Our destination: the spectacular Nyiragongo volcano! ;) What to do and what to see in the DRC? The Democratic...

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