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Travel healthy




Did you know that travel can weaken your immune system? Travel preparations can be stressful, staying on schedule is often …


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Couple backpacking




People hear ‘honeymoon’ and think of 5-star hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and big expenses. It sounds amazing until we …


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Tarangire national park Tanzania




Responsible tourism tries to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and to “make better places for people to live in and …


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travel couple




It’s not only a well-known saying, it’s also a confirmed fact – couples who travel together are more likely to stay together.


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Country Nr 37 – Gabon
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 15-Dec-2018

Country 37/196: Gabon Destination: Libreville Dates: From 11th to 14th of December We did a quick tour of Libreville, the capital of Gabon, which was actually no easy task, since it was 39°C, and the city turned out to be quite charming. 😉 What to do and what to see

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Country Nr 36 – Equatorial Guinea
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 11-Dec-2018

Country 36/196: Equatorial Guinea Destinations: Malabo, Arena Blanca Dates: From 5th to 11th of December Equatorial Guinea consists of an island and a mainland region. We've decided to visit the island. Bioko is a cloudy tropical volcanic island south of the equator and it's the site of the country's capital

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Country Nr 35 – Republic of the Congo
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 05-Dec-2018

Country 35/196: Congo Destination: Brazzaville Dates: From 3rd to 5th of December Brazzaville is a beautiful, modern, peaceful, and a rather clean city with ambitions to become an ecotourism destination. The city may be the perfect combination of the urban, the rural, and the African. We will forever remember Brazzaville

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Country Nr 34 – Cameroon
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 05-Dec-2018

Country 34/196: Cameroon Destinations: Douala, Limbe Dates: From 1st to 3rd of December We were staying in the country's largest city - Douala, but since we're kind of tired of staying in big cities, we decided to take a daily trip to Limbe - a charming coastal town with a

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Country Nr 33 – South Africa
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 04-Dec-2018

Country 33/196: South Africa Destination: Cape Town Dates: From 20th to 30th of November Fresh from Cape Town and totally in awe of the city. 🙂 It has everything - beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, amazing wildlife, a laid-back atmosphere, impressive architecture, and many other breathtaking sights. 😉 ♥   What to

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Country Nr 32 – Kenya
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 19-Nov-2018

Country 32/196: Kenya Destinations: Nairobi, Amboseli national park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe Centre Dates: From 8th to 19th of November Hey guys! We have just had the best time in Kenya! This country is paradise for animal lovers! 😉 ♥ What to do and what to see near Nairobi? We

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Country Nr 31 – Rwanda
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 19-Nov-2018

Country 31/196: Rwanda Destinations: Kigali Dates: From 6th to 8th of November We were afraid that we won't be able to see why Rwanda is called 'the land of thousand hills' if we only visit its capital, but we were wrong. Kigali is one of the most diverse, green, clean,

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Country Nr 30 – Uganda
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 19-Nov-2018

Country 30/196: Uganda Destinations: Kampala, Entebbe Dates: From 4th to 6th of November Due to the extremely popular gorilla tracking tours in Uganda, its lovely capital is often overlooked, which is a shame, since Kampala offers a lot of beautiful sites, including various tombs, parks, churches, and mosques. Besides, the lovely

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Country Nr 29 – South Sudan
Posted By Carmen Pirc  Posted On 19-Nov-2018

Country 29/196: South Sudan Destination: Juba Dates: From 2nd to 4th of November South Sudan is the youngest sovereign country in the world. We've had the pleasure to visit their capital city and we loved the fact that there are so many banners and movements promoting peace. We visited some

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