Country Nr 1 – Turkey – looking for love on the streets of Istanbul – for the very first time

196xLOVE Turkey

Our crazy adventure has finally begun! On Friday, the 31 st of August we traveled from Ljubljana to Istanbul. Things to see and things to do We spent two days and two nights in Istanbul and we loved it. We loved its colors, shapes, and smells, and most of all its diversity. Istanbul is known for its rich history, narrow paved streets, vibrant culture, and tasty food. We spent around 6 hours each day exploring the city. We got to see many of the city’s main attractions, including: Hagia Sophia Sultan Ahmed Mosque (aka. the Blue Mosque) Hagia Irene Hippodrome...

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Shanghai travel itinerary


While in college, I went on a six-month student exchange to Xiamen, China. In December, Matic was finally able to come and visit. :) :) :) After three and a half months of Skyping, we were insanely happy to be reunited again. :) First, we had spent a wonderful couple of days in Xiamen, and for Christmas, we decided to take a four-day trip to Shanghai. It was our first big trip together - our first pre-honeymoon honeymoon. ;) Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is a global financial and cultural center. It's renowned for its Lujiazui skyline,...

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Beijing travel itinerary

Beijing sightseeing itinerary

As I already mentioned in A taste of life in China, while in college, I went on a six-month student exchange to Xiamen, China. There I met a nice girl from Sweden. We were dorm roommates and we became friends. We decided to take a four-day trip to Beijing together. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the second most populous city in the world. It's known for its rich history and culture, great political and economic influence, breathtaking modern and traditional architecture and many unparalleled monuments. * Low-quality photo alert!!! :) In Xiamen, I bought, probably, the worst camera...

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All you need to know before visiting China

Xiamen China architecture

Budget China is a very affordable destination, especially by Western standards. Prices are reasonable even in Beijing and Shanghai - the two most expensive cities in China. • Prices for private rooms start at 15 USD (12.5 EUR) in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen. • Food prices are generally very cheap. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 3 USD (2.5 EUR). Fancier restaurants will, obviously, charge you a lot more. • Transportation costs are pretty low. Public transportation fares in Beijing start at 0.30 USD (0.25 EUR), in Shanghai and Xiamen at around 0.15 USD (0.13 EUR). The most popular way...

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A taste of life in China


One of my majors in college was Sinology - the academic study of China. Since a big part of Sinology is learning the Chinese language, I had to go on a student exchange to China for six months to work on my language skills. I was super excited, but as a young girl who had never traveled beyond the borders of Europe and most certainly never traveled on her own, I also had some concerns. I was worried about the flight - Will I miss it? Is the airline safe? How do connecting flights work? Will I find the right flight at Beijing Airport...

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