Country Nr 26 – Eritrea

Country 26/196: Eritrea
Destination: Asmara
Dates: From 14th to 18th of October
Asmara is just…wow! It’s nothing like any other African city we’ve been to. It’s more like a romantic Italian city really. Italian architecture, Italian food (as well as tasty Eritrean food), laid-back vibe, beautiful nature, stunning views, and the nicest people ever! It’s one of the most relaxed places on Earth (the lack of Wi-Fi may be a contributing factor) and we loved it for that!
PS: If you ever decide to visit Asmara (which you definitely should), make sure to contact the Asmara Grande Travel and Tour Services. The director (Mr. Tekeste) is the friendliest and possibly the most awesome man we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
Eritrea, we will forever be grateful!!! Wishing you love and peace and really all the best!
♥ Honeymoon in Eritrea? Sounds like a wonderful idea! 🙂
Found lots of LOVE in Eritrea. 😉 ♥

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