Honeymoon activities

Fun new places will provide its share of excitement and now it’s time to do your part. Here are some tips on how to make your honeymoon even more awesome. 😉

Honeymoon activities

a) Activities

Your honeymoon activities depend only on your and your husband’s ideas on how to have a good time. But since we can’t always think of all the choices we have, we decided to give you some extra thoughts. Who knows, you might like them! 🙂

♥ Relax (spa treatments, couple’s massages, tanning, reading, music, love, romantic conversations, and strolls)
♥ Sightsee (main attractions, museums, monuments, city tours)
♥ Book wildlife tours
♥ Explore the surroundings, meet locals, feel the country’s spirit
♥ Buy souvenirs on the local market (Market is a great place to meet locals and feel the genuine spirit of the country you are visiting. The souvenirs you buy for yourselves or others are much more authentic if you buy them from small local merchants, not to mention, a lot cheaper.)
♥ Try some food tasting (also wine, beer, rum tasting etc. Taste whatever dishes or beverages are popular at your destination and make a fun day out of it.)
♥ Events (festivals, concerts, shows, stand-up comedy, plays, opera, theater, cinema)
♥ Nightlife (clubbing)
♥ Sports (hiking, bowling, billiard, tennis, golf, mini-golf, fishing, yoga for couples, horseback riding swimming, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, surfing, supping, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, jet blading, other water sports, bike tours, skating, skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc.)

horseback riding
♥ Book a sailing trip
♥ Adventures (adrenalin: zip line, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, hot air balloon ride, rafting, paintball etc., amusement parks)
♥ Engage in hobbies together (Maybe at home each has their own hobbies, but on your honeymoon, you should at least try to give your partner’s hobbies a chance.)
♥ Volunteer
♥ Take photos and videos (Try to record your magical moments, at least the ones you can – the very best ones are impossible to capture anyway. 😉 )
♥ Surprise your partner (Book a special activity you know he/she will love.)
♥ Order in (Breakfasts are more romantic and cozy if you order in – you can start playing with strawberries and … who knows! 🙂 )
♥ Treat yourselves to a slow morning (Organized tours or activities can be an exception, but otherwise you should take it easy, especially in the mornings.)
♥ Try new things, be adventurous, improvise, face your fears, step out of your comfort zone (Those kinds of experiences always make the best memories.)
♥ Go big (Even if you choose a budget honeymoon, try to treat yourself to something special at least once. If buying or experiencing something makes your dream come true, then go for it!)
♥ Rest (Wedding preparations are hectic, no matter how much you try to take it easy. So make sure you use your little love trip to rest.)
♥ Just enjoy (your partner, your time, the view, the moment, the room)

honeymoon sights

b) Playful challenges

We are young and wild and free and we should never neglect our inner child! 🙂 Take time to be silly and playful with each other. Have fun!!!

♥ Throw snowballs at each other
♥ Have a pillow fight
♥ Splash each other
♥ Play beach Pictionary (draw stuff with a stick on the sand)
♥ Play a board game
♥ Play charades
♥ Make jokes
♥ Take on a sand castle/snowman challenge (whoever finishes last has to give his partner a massage)
♥ Make bets and pay with kisses, hugs or something more
♥ Take a bizarre foods challenge (If you are afraid to get food poisoning, perhaps it’s best to do this one the last day. However, if you only eat in good restaurants, the food may taste funny, but otherwise you should be fine. 😉 )


c) Romance

Even though traveling automatically brings undeniable romance to our lives in so many different ways, we can still turn it up ourselves. Be kind, gentle and thoughtful to your partner, treat him/her like a king/queen and let them know how much you love them. Here are a few simple ways how to keep falling in love with each other over and over again. ♥

♥ Make your honeymoon playlist and listen to the songs you’ve chosen whenever you have time (while traveling, during massages, while making love …)
♥ Pick your personal honeymoon anthem (People tend to remember smells and sounds better than visual memories. That’s why a special song not only reminds you of something or someone but also brings back all the overwhelming emotions. If you pick a honeymoon anthem and if you listen to it enough it will always bring you right back to this magical moment in your lives.)
♥ Watch the sunrise or sunset together
♥ Give each other cute little presents (A bouquet of flowers or a love card are so simple and don’t cost a lot of money, but they always come a long way.)
♥ Date night (Ordering in may be a good idea in the morning, but in the evening it is nice to dress up and go have a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. Try it!)
♥ Take a stroll along the beach
♥ Dance the night away
♥ Massage each other
♥ Drink some fine champagne

♥ Decorate your room with candles and flowers
♥ Get matching tattoos (even if only the temporary ones)
♥ Gaze into the stars
♥ Write your names on the sand
♥ Take time to tell each other what you like about one another
♥ Feed each other
♥ Take a shower together and wash each other
♥ Take a bath together

negril sunset

d) Moments of passion

Intimacy is a big part of any relationship and therefore a big (for some even the biggest) part of your honeymoon. Relax and be confident about yourself and your sexuality, master the game of seduction, show you want him/her and make them lose their mind.

e) In between

♥ Hold each other’s hands
♥ Flirt
♥ Be silly
♥ Touch, kiss and hug a lot
♥ Smile at each other
♥ Look at each other
♥ Compliment each other
♥ Keep it fresh and exciting
♥ Break the routine and the predictability
♥ Keep the mystery alive
♥ Tell each other you love each other

Couple holding hands

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you make breathtaking and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. ♥

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