Our Africa bucket list

196xLOVE Africa bucket list

As you may or may not already know, in 2018 and 2019 we are planning to take a trip around the world in an attempt to become the first couple to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in Guinness World Record time. ;) We will promote love, peace, and sustainability. Read more about project 196xLOVE here. First, we will visit all 54 independent countries in Africa. We will only have time to visit one destination in each country. Depending on the limited and changing transportation and accommodation options we will have to choose the exact destinations later on, but for now,...

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196xLOVE-about the project


The project In our first ever blog post in September 2017, we told you that we have 'something huge' planned for 2018; in the past few weeks, we have been dropping subtle hints on Instagram; and now, the time has come for the big announcement. :D :D :D In September 2018, we will set off on a trip around the world in an attempt to become the first couple to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in Guinness World Record time! :) ♥ The plan The plan is to visit each country's most romantic destination or most popular travel attraction in Guinness World...

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Stay healthy while traveling

Travel healthy

Did you know that travel can weaken your immune system? Travel preparations can be stressful, staying on schedule is often challenging, being in public places and contact with other people can, truth be told, increase your chances of catching a disease, you undergo changes in temperature, climate, air pressure, you switch time zones, and lose sleep. All of these factors can affect your health and spoil your vacations. Here are some tips on how to prevent that from happening. ;) Usual travel health precautions Get vaccinated (if necessary) Eat and drink safely Prevent bug bites Keep away from animals Reduce your exposure to...

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Budget honeymoon tips

Couple backpacking

People hear 'honeymoon' and think of 5-star hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and big expenses. It sounds amazing until we realize we have to pay for it ourselves. What happens if you don't have that kind of money? Do you spend the money you were saving for someday buying a house or do you give up honeymoon? Maybe there is a third option... Maybe you can have an unforgettable honeymoon without spending tons of money! It may be less comfortable, but since life usually begins at the end of your comfort zone, a budget/adventurous honeymoon could end up being even more awesome than...

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Responsible tourism

Tarangire national park Tanzania

What is responsible tourism We love to travel. Travel enriches our lives on so many levels. It broadens our horizons, educates us, makes us grow as people, builds character and self-confidence, creates memories that last a lifetime, makes us more understanding and accepting of people of different nationalities, religious and cultural beliefs, puts life into perspective, makes us humble and so much more. Travel makes us happier and better people. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. – Anonymous However, tourism, sadly, often has a negative impact on a destination - environmental, social and economic. It increases pollution through...

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Couples who travel together stay together

travel couple

It's not only a well-known saying, it's also a confirmed fact - couples who travel together are more likely to stay together. Let's take a look at the reasons why. 1. Traveling gives you a common purpose First, you get to share a vision, a goal, a dream. You slowly build up a joint image. The shared mental landscape gives you something in common, it creates a special bond. And even though you may share your plan with your family and friends, the details of the image stay between you and your partner, which gives you a sense of belonging. Secondly,...

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