Couples who travel together stay together

It’s not only a well-known saying, it’s also a confirmed fact – couples who travel together are more likely to stay together.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

travel couple

1. Traveling gives you a common purpose

First, you get to share a vision, a goal, a dream. You slowly build up a joint image. The shared mental landscape gives you something in common, it creates a special bond. And even though you may share your plan with your family and friends, the details of the image stay between you and your partner, which gives you a sense of belonging.

Secondly, when the daydreaming is over, you get to actually plan your trip. It becomes a joint mission. You have to save money, make decisions and travel arrangements, pack and prepare. Throughout the process, you learn how to communicate and cooperate.

And at the end, you create your own, private memories. You might share some pictures or videos with the world, but we all know that ‘some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about’. 😉

2. You get to know each other better

You probably know your partner better than anyone else in the world. But we assure you that on the road you will get to know a whole new side of him/her. In unfamiliar places and circumstances new topics, situations, and issues will arise. You will discover your partner’s preferences, fears, and desires as well as his cultural sensitivity, character, skills, and values. Travel tests possible future incompatibilities – how you handle stress, finances, new experiences and free time. You will both step out of your comfort zones and expose your advantages and disadvantages. It will bring you closer together and you will develop a deeper mutual understanding.


3. You become more honest

Traveling is unpredictable. Usually, it brings out the best in you, but every once in a while you also reveal your worst self. You may get a food poisoning, become frustrated over the language barrier, or fall asleep on an airplane and drool all over your partner. And guess what? You won’t be able to hide any of it from your him/her. 🙂 There is no place for secrets and you’ll learn how to be more open and honest with each other. And honesty is always a good thing!

4. You learn how to compromise

Traveling forces you to make a lot of decisions. You have to decide on the destination, date, duration, travel style, transportation, accommodation, activities, packing list, finances etc. Since no two people in the world have the exact same preferences, you will have to compromise. If you hate winter and your partner gets bored lying on the beach all day, you may want to consider a third option – Paris in spring, perhaps, or a crazy adventure in the wilderness. Once you learn how to compromise, your relationship will get easier and stronger.

5. You learn how to share

Sharing is caring. If you want to coexist with another person, you must learn how to share. Sooner or later you will have to share a bed, a room, a home, the TV, a bath, a ride, sometimes maybe a snack or a bottle of water, if it’s the only one you’ve got. Traveling is like a crash course in sharing, so if you want to strengthen your relationship, we suggest you pack your bags. 😉

6. You learn to overcome obstacles together

Life is like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs and it’s all inevitable. While traveling mostly gives you a whole lot of ups, you may also come across some difficulties. What happens if you lose your passports or your luggage? If you get lost in the jungle? If you get tired or hungry or if you get a sunburn or blisters from too much walking? Will you lash out at your partner or will you keep your cool? Traveling is a good test. It teaches you to manage your expectations, divide some responsibilities, to take care of each other and trust each other, to be supportive and to cope with stress. You learn how to work as a team and develop an “us against the world” mentality. And even if you get into a fight, you won’t be able to hold a grudge for too long, which makes traveling a great opportunity to practice forgiveness. After all, the next breathtaking moment is always just around the corner. 🙂

Couple adventure

7. You spend quality time together

Your daily routine probably includes work, household chores, meeting family and friends, taking care of your children (if you have them), maybe some exercise, etc. In today’s fast-paced life it’s hard to find time just for yourself and your partner. But we have to. According to researchers, making time for your partner is the key to a successful relationship. Therefore, occasional romantic getaways are absolutely essential. It gives you the opportunity to disconnect from your responsibilities and reconnect with each other, without being distracted or stressed. Change of scenery will help you rediscover your love for one another. Not only will you have the chance to spend more time together, but you will also get to discuss more meaningful topics, that will deepen your relationship.


8. You get to share amazing adventures

Sitting at home watching TV or going to a fancy restaurant may be very nice – especially if you don’t get to do it very often. But traveling the world together is incomparably more exciting AND romantic. You visit unknown places, meet new people, try exotic dishes… It also gives you the opportunity to find mutual interests and engage in them. Almost every minute of every day offers new adventures and creates unforgettable memories. It keeps your relationship fresh and the spark alive.

Researches show that travel reduces stress and that it’s the biggest and most lasting source of happiness. And only happy people can have a happy relationship. Sharing so much peace, joy, fun, laughter, breathtaking moments and stories with another person creates an amazing, private, unbreakable bond. 

9. Travel improves intimacy

According to a survey, couples who travel together are more likely to have a happier, more intimate sex life. The main reasons probably lie in the amount of time spent together and in the fact that new adventures relight the spark in your relationship.

10. It makes you grow together

Traveling is life changing. There is no doubt about that. It broadens your horizons and changes the way you think, act, and live. You grow as an individual and if you travel with your partner, you grow as a couple. You try new things, build a common sense of humor, philosophy, and understanding of life, develop shared hobbies, passions, and addictions and learn together. Knowing exactly what your partner has been through, witnessing it first hand, leads to a better mutual understanding. It deepens your love, respect, and appreciation for one another. Life changes us anyway, nobody stays the same forever…and it’s always better to grow together than apart. 😉

11. You build a history together

When traveling you create so many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. It’s something no one can ever take away from you. They become a part of you forever. If you share these unforgettable experiences with your special someone, they build a deeper connection, a special bond – you become best friends. There’s nothing like reliving a breathtaking moment with your loved one or laughing together at an inside joke. 😉

Travel adventure

This is more or less it. If you’re still not convinced, pack your bags and experience the magical power of a romantic getaway for yourself. 😉 ♥