Country Nr 8 – Gambia

Country 8/196: Gambia
Destination: Banjul
Dates: From 10th to 11th of September

We came to Gambia on the 10th of September, but due to a long flight delay (which is as we came to realize a common problem in Africa), we arrived late in the afternoon. First, we took a tour of the colorful city, then we took some time to check out the lovely resort we were staying at, and afterwards, we went to the beach. We loved it!
In the evening, Matic developed a fever. At first, we thought it was because of a sore throat he was having. I gave him some home remedies and we were sure he would feel better in the morning. At 3 am, he woke up, he was sweating like crazy and his fever had gone up. We went to the hospital. The diagnosis: malaria! 🙁
We had to stay in the hospital. The hospital was old and small, but very clean and comfortable and the staff was very nice. They gave him some medicine and he went to bed. It was the scariest night ever, but luckily he felt much better in the morning.
In the afternoon he was already able to travel to our next destination (on which he insisted even though I suggested we should stay an extra night, so he could fully recover).

We will always remember Gambia as a beautiful, colorful country, full of kind people and great doctors (as we, unfortunately, experienced ourselves). Thank you, Gambia!

Found lots of LOVE in Gambia. 😉 ♥

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