Country Nr 8 – Gambia – dealing with malaria in Banjul

Country 8/196: Gambia
Destination: Banjul

We came to the Gambia on the 10th of September, but due to a long flight delay (which is as we came to realize a common problem in Africa), we arrived late in the afternoon. First, we took a tour of the colorful city, then we took some time to check out the lovely resort we were staying at, and afterward, we went to the beach. We loved it!
In the evening, Matic developed a fever. At first, we thought it was because of a sore throat he was having. I gave him some home remedies and we were sure he would feel better in the morning. At 3 am, he woke up, he was sweating like crazy and his fever had gone up. We went to the hospital. The diagnosis: malaria! 🙁
We had to stay in the hospital. The hospital was old and small, but very clean and comfortable and the staff was very friendly. They gave him some medicine and he went to bed. It was the scariest night ever, but luckily he felt much better in the morning.
In the afternoon he was already able to travel to our next destination (on which he insisted even though I suggested we should stay an extra night, so he could fully recover).

We will always remember the Gambia as a beautiful, colorful country, full of kind people and great doctors (as we, unfortunately, experienced ourselves). Thank you, Gambia!

Things to see and things to do

Our stay was too short and ‘too ill’ to see many of Banjul’s top attractions ourselves, but here’s a short list of the city’s main sights anyway:

  • Albert Market
  • Gambia National Museum
  • Arch 22
  • Fort Bullen
  • Banjul Central Mosque
  • The Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Kunta Kinteh Island
  • Abuko Nature Reserve
  • Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve
  • Katchikali Sacred Crocodile Pool

Where to stay

There are quite a lot of nice hotels in Banjul, and the prices tend to be reasonable. We were staying at a lovely beach-side hotel.

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Tourist prices can be pretty high in the Gambia (as well as in other African countries), therefore make sure to eat, shop, and travel as the locals do, which is very cheap. Accommodation prices on Booking range from 12 USD/10 EUR to 200 USD/170 EUR for a couple a night.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the country is during the dry season (from October to early June). The temperatures are warm year-round, however, during the rainy season there may be some roadblocks, that would hinder your travels through the country.

Environmental issues

Gambia’s most urgent environmental concern is deforestation, mainly caused by slash-and-burn agriculture. Very few forests have survived the expansion of agricultural land and the use of trees for fuel. A significant decrease in rainfall in recent years has caused severe desertification of the country’s agricultural lands. Water pollution caused by a lack of adequate sanitation facilities is resulting in a large number of water-borne diseases that contribute to high infant mortality rates. Only about 53% of the rural population has access to potable water.

Romance and adventure

There are a couple of lovely beaches, lush tropical forests, and astonishing national parks to be found in this tropical country. Most tours start in Banjul. If you prefer to stay in the city, there is a number of notable sights in the lively capital.


Found lots of LOVE in the Gambia. 😉 ♥

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