Country Nr 6 – Mali

Country 6/196: Mali
Destination: Bamako
Dates: From 8th to 9th of September.

Ok, so Mali is one of the countries that is marked as very dangerous, so naturally, for safety reasons, we decided to stay for just one night. We did all of the explorings in one afternoon. We visited the local market, the city center, some of the main landmarks, and took a taxi to the nearby hill, which offers the best view of the city.
We loved the lively streets, especially its colors, shapes, and sounds. We also found some beautiful architecture and definitely a lot of love. However, we also found a lot of pain and loss. Our tour guide, for example, lost four brothers in the recent uprisings. The stories are heartbreaking. 🙁
Naturally, welcoming tourists is the last thing on people’s minds. It seemed like we were the only tourists there, so people were staring at us and not in a way that would make us feel comfortable. We’re sure that the country has a lot to offer, but maybe it’s just not quite ready to welcome tourists.

In some countries, including Mali, it’s risky to take photos with a camera, therefore we were only able to use our mobile phones. :/

Have you ever been to Mali? What was your impression of the country?

Found lots of LOVE in Mali. 😉 ♥

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