Country Nr 5 – Mauritania – a sandstorm in Nouakchott

Country 5/196: Mauritania
Destination: Nouakchott

For us, Mauritania was a country of ups and downs. It all started with long interrogations about why we came to Mauritania as if we were the first tourists to visit their country (which is a common procedure, btw, so be prepared 😉 ). Then we met some incredibly kind and welcoming people who made us forget about the initial inconveniences. On the next day, we went sightseeing but didn’t get to see anything due to a sandstorm. 🙁 In the afternoon the weather got better so we visited the beach and the edge of the desert, which was really nice. 😉
We loved the people, their traditional clothing, the food and the fact that Mauritania comes to life at night. All in all a great experience! 🙂

Ps: The photos are very foggy and orange due to the sandstorm! 🙁

Thank you, Mauritania, it was a pleasure!

Environmental issues

Deforestation caused by slash-and-burn agriculture and the population’s growing need for firewood and construction materials is a major concern in Mauritania. In fact, only 00.26% of the country is covered by forests. Deforestation, severe soil erosion, and prolonged droughts due to limited rainfall are contributing to the expansion of the desert into agricultural lands. Mauretania has limited natural fresh water resources away from the Senegal, which is the only perennial river in the country. Water pollution caused by spills of petroleum, industrial waste, and untreated sewage is another serious problem.

Found lots of LOVE in Mauritania. 😉 ♥

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