Country Nr 16 – Benin – exploring Cotonou on motorbikes

Country 16/196: Benin
Destination: Cotonou

We were staying at the lovely Villa les Orchidées hotel, which is located at the beautiful Obama beach (btw, Eldorado beach is totally overrated, the Obama beach is at least a hundred times nicer). 🙂 It gave us the chance to watch the sunset at the beach, which was totally romantic.
But romance is not the only thing you can find in Cotonou, the city also offers a fair share of excitement. For starters, there are taxi drivers on motorbikes, which can take two persons at a time, so we drove around the city with one of those most of the time (because it’s cheaper than regular cabs and it’s way more fun 🙂 ). The capital of Benin is a vibrant city full of art, kind people, and life. 🙂

Thank you, Benin, wishing you all the best! 🙂

Environmental issues

One of the most alarming environmental issues in Benin is severe desertification due to prolonged droughts caused by global warming. Forests used to serve as a natural shield against desertification, but due to uncontrolled agricultural practices and fires, 59% of those forests are gone. Desertification is affecting the water supplies. By now, only 55% of rural residents have access to safe drinking water. Poaching is threatening wildlife populations and causing biodiversity loss.

Found lots of LOVE in Benin. 😉 ♥

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