Country Nr 17 – Burkina Faso – a walk in the Parc Bangr-Weoogo

Country 17/196: Burkina Faso
Destination: Ouagadougou

During our short stay, we visited some of the most popular attractions in Ouagadougou, including the awesome Parc Bangr-Weoogo, which is no ordinary city park. It’s at least 50 times the size of an average park, besides, it’s home to many wild animals, including hyenas!! 🙂 The sights were romantic, but knowing that we might bump into a hyena made the stroll sort of adventurous as well. 😉

Things to see and things to do

Ouagadougou is the capital and the largest city of Burkina Faso. It’s a lively city known for its vast urban parks and numerous cultural and art venues. Some of Ouagadougou’s top tourist attractions include:

  • Parc Bangr-Weoogo
  • Ouagadougou Cathedral
  • Place des Cinéastes
  • National Museum of Burkina Faso
  • Moro-Naba Palace
  • National Museum of Music
  • Grande Mosquée de Ouagadougou
  • Monument of National Heroes

Where to stay

In Ouagadougou, there are a few hotels and numerous lovely guesthouses to be found. We tried both, and actually liked the guesthouse much better than the hotel.

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Accommodation prices in Ouagadougou vary from 10 USD to 260 USD (8.5 to 220 EUR). As more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, make sure to read the reviews online. Both food and local transportation are generally inexpensive in Burkina Faso.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Burkina Faso is from late October to December when the weather tends to be dry and the temperatures a bit cooler. As Burkina Faso is not a very popular tourist destination, you don’t have to worry about it being too crowded at any time of year.

Environmental issues

Severe droughts and desertification, which have been increased by overgrazing and overcutting of wood for fuel, are severely affecting agricultural activities and the economy. They are also contributing to the nation’s ongoing water supply problems. Only 37% of rural dwellers have access to potable water. Pollution problems are caused by the uncontrolled disposal of sewage and industrial wastewater and result in an increasing number of waterborne diseases. Excessive woodcutting is resulting in deforestation, soil degradation, and biodiversity loss. In Burkina Faso, 6 mammal species are considered endangered, including the chimpanzee and the African elephant.

Romance and adventure

The capital of Burkina Faso offers something for everybody. Art lovers may enjoy visiting the city’s galleries and other art venues and admiring the architecture. Those of you who crave adventures may prefer to explore one of the vast urban parks in Ouagadougou, Banfora, or Pendjari National Park.


Found lots of LOVE in Burkina Faso. 😉 ♥

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