Country Nr 15 – Togo – sandy beaches and colorful markets

Country 15/196: Togo
Destination: Lomé

We took a bus from Accra to Lomé and then from Lomé to Cotonou, so we got to see the whole coast of Togo, including the lovely lake Togo. We loved the country’s laid-back vibe, the never-ending sandy beach, the welcoming people, and the colorful markets.
Btw, we didn’t realize that we felt homesick until we found a French supermarché where they sell delicious Mediterranean food! Baguettes, cheese, olives, and French pastries. We’ve come to realize that even though we love African food, by heart, we are true Europeans. But hey, apparently it’s possible to satisfy one’s ‘European’ cravings even in Africa! 😉

Anyway, Togo is a wonderful country, it was a pleasure! 🙂

Environmental issues

Severe deforestation caused by slash-and-burn agriculture and the use of wood for fuel is one of the most urgent environmental problems in Togo. The soil and water quality are threatened by pesticides and fertilizers. Increasing water pollution represents health hazards and affects the fishing industry. Only 38% of the people living in rural areas have access to potable water. Air pollution is becoming an increasing issue in urban areas. The nation’s wildlife population is at risk due to poaching and the clearing of land for agricultural purposes.

Found lots of LOVE in Togo. 😉 ♥

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