Country Nr 14 – Ghana – the colorful beaches of the modern city of Accra

Country 14/196: Ghana
Destination: Accra

Ghana may not be the typical honeymoon destination, but we loved our stay. The country is mainly known for its warm climate, sandy beaches, and beautiful nature. We were staying in Accra, which is a modern city full of beautiful sights. We were lucky enough to visit the city during Ghana’s Founder’s Day, a major national holiday, therefore the streets were even fuller, the people even more cheerful, and the celebrations even more numerous.
After our stay in the capital, we took a bus to Lomé, which gave us the opportunity to also see the rural parts of the lovely tropical country.

Things to see and things to do

Some of Accra’s most popular sights include:

  • Black Star Square
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum
  • Labadi Beach
  • Bojo Beach
  • National Museum of Ghana
  • Osu Castle
  • Makola Market
  • Jamestown Lighthouse
  • Aburi Botanical Gardens

Where to stay

Accra is a big modern city, therefore there are many accommodation options regardless of your budget.

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Accommodation prices range from 12 to 350 USD (10 to 300 EUR). Food is normally inexpensive (you can get a decent meal for 1-3 USD/EUR), however, there are also some upscale restaurants with very high prices. Local transportation is also very affordable.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ghana is from October to March, during the cooler, drier season. However, in December, the Saharan wind, Harmattan, is more likely to blow. The temperatures are warm year-round.

Environmental issues

Severe soil erosion is caused by slash-and-burn agriculture and over-cultivation of cleared land. Overgrazing, mining, and heavy logging are causing deforestation. Prolonged droughts are severely affecting agricultural activities and affecting the country’s water supplies. About one-third of Ghana’s land area is threatened by desertification. Water pollution is caused by agricultural/industrial wastewater and untreated sewage. Poaching and habitat destruction are threatening wildlife populations and causing biodiversity loss. In urban areas, air pollution is causing health issues.

According to Pure Earth, Agbogbloshie – a commercial district near the center of Accra, is one of the most polluted places on Earth. Agbogbloshie is also known as the digital dumping ground, where millions of tons of e-waste from foreign industrialized countries are collected and processed. Their methods of waste processing (especially burning) are particularly dangerous, as they emit toxic chemicals into the air, land, and water. Concerns about human health and the environment continue to be raised as the area remains heavily polluted.

Romance and adventure

Accra offers a lot of lovely beaches and a spectacular botanical garden. Moreover, it is known for a very vibrant nightlife. However, in case the capital isn’t your dream honeymoon destination, you can find lots of organized tours in Accra that will take you to any other place you wish to visit in Ghana.


Found lots of LOVE in Ghana. 😉 ♥

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