Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice lakes Croatia honeymoon

Croatia is a wonderful country known mostly for its breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, charming medieval cities like Dubrovnik and Zagreb, and over a thousand amazing islands. However, one of Croatia's biggest attractions is indisputably Plitvice Lakes National Park. ♥ Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national park in Croatia and a part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. The national park is located in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia. It's famous for its many lakes and cascades of a distinctive emerald color, and the abundance of flora and fauna. The park features 16 larger and several smaller unnamed lakes. The lakes are divided into 12 Upper Lakes (Gornja jezera)...

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Minimundus and Wörthersee

Minimundus Austria

Our beautiful home country Slovenia borders Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Austria. That's why whenever we feel like taking a trip, we can take a one-day getaway to either of these countries. Pretty cool, right? :) After all, it takes us less than three hours to get to one of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice. ♥ Well, this time we decided to visit Minimundus and Wörthersee lake, located near Klagenfurt in Carinthia, Austria, at less than 200 km from our hometown. Minimundus Minimundus, the miniature world at Wörthersee, is a park displaying 156 models of the most beautiful buildings and attractions from...

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All you need to know before visiting Slovenia

Slovenia travel info

Budget Prices in Slovenia very by region. Generally, Slovenia is considered to be cheaper than Italy and more expensive than Croatia. You can save some money by avoiding the most popular tourist places, skipping some major attractions, finding cheap accommodation, using public transportation, and eating at inexpensive restaurants. • Prices for private rooms start at 25/35 USD (20/30 EUR) in Ljubljana, 35 USD (30 EUR) in Maribor, 40 USD (23.25 EUR) in Bled and Piran, and 45 USD (36.3 EUR) in Postojna. • Food prices vary greatly by region and type of restaurant. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 8...

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Winter fairyland – Slovenia

Slovenia winter honeymoon

Our home country, Slovenia, is stunningly beautiful any time of year. The winter is no exception. Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and waterfalls, lively emerald rivers, endless supplies of fresh air, countless coniferous forests, snowy towns and villages, wooden mountain cottages, romantic spas and winter retreats, and endless possibilities for winter sports enthusiasts. Come and see for yourself! ;) Mala Planina: Velika Planina: Rimske terme: Zelenci lake: The Alps & Planica ski jumping: Paradiso spa and wellness: Winter sports in Slovenia: Peričnik waterfall: Triglavska Bistrica river: Winter in Slovenia :)

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Hallstatt picturesque village

Last July we went to a concert in Prague and on our way back home we decided to make a short stop in Hallstatt - probably the most idyllic alpine village in the world. ♥ Hallstatt has been listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. It's located in Upper Austria, on the shore of Hallstätter lake and surrounded by the Dachstein Mountains. Hallstatt is one of the most romantic places on Earth and therefore a wonderful honeymoon destination. ;) Things to see • Evangelical Church of Hallstatt (the iconic church located right on the lake - the symbol of Hallstatt) •...

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All you need to know before visiting Czech Republic

Prague love bridge

Budget Prices in the Czech Republic are generally reasonable. However, they vary greatly by region. Try to avoid the most popular tourist places and thus save some money. • Prices for private rooms start at 22 USD (18 EUR) in Prague, 25 USD (20 EUR) in Karlovy Vary, and 30 USD (24 EUR) in Český Krumlov. • Food prices are generally inexpensive. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 6 USD (5 EUR). Street food and fast food restaurants are usually cheaper. • Transportation costs are reasonable as well. Public transportation fares in Prague start at around 1.17 USD (0.95 EUR). Prices for a 2...

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Charles Bridge scenic view Prague

Last July we went to a Guns N' Roses Concert in Prague and it was nothing short of awesome! :) Not just the concert, but the sightseeing part as well. The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most magical cities in Europe. It's known for its many prominent museums, amazing architecture, a vibrant cultural life, tasty food, good beer, and countless breathtaking historical monuments. Things to see • Charles Bridge (a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river and offers a beautiful view of the Prague Castle) • Prague Castle (the largest ancient castle in the world; dating back to the 9th...

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All you need to know before visiting France

France travel information

Budget Prices in France are considerably high. However, if you avoid the most popular tourist places, skip some major attractions, find cheap accommodation, use cheap transportation, and eat at inexpensive restaurants, you can save a lot of money. • Prices for private rooms start at 50 USD (40 EUR) in Paris, Tours, Nice, and Colmar. • Food prices are generally pretty expensive. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 12 USD (10 EUR). Street food and fast food restaurants are usually cheaper. • Transportation costs are relatively high as well. Public transportation fares in Paris start at around 2.4 USD (1.9...

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Loire Valley road trip

Loire Valley road trip

Imagine a river flowing through a picturesque green valley. Imagine countless aromatic vineyards, orchards, and fields, idyllic historic towns, charming European architecture, and many fairytale châteaux. Imagine drinking fine French wine, the taste of exquisite French cuisine, and the sound of French music. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, that's Loire Valley, also known as the Garden of France or for us, the perfect honeymoon destination. When we were in high school, we went on a 5-day student exchange to Loches, a lovely medieval riverside town in the Loire Valley. We visited some of the valley's most popular attractions, but back then we were simply too young to...

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