Country Nr 59 – Central African Republic – a visit to a dangerous country

Country 59/196: Central African Republic
Destination: Bangui

Our ministry of foreign affairs strongly advised us against visiting the Central African Republic as it has many safety issues. However, our project includes us traveling to all sovereign countries of the world, therefore, we had to make the trip. Still, we decided to only stay in the country for a day. Even though the government has recently reached an agreement with the armed groups the situation in the country is still far from stable, which was obvious by the number of armed soldiers and UN workers on the streets of Bangui. However, during our short visit, we didn’t see or experience anything that would make us feel uncomfortable, let alone unsafe. Our city tour was actually quite pleasant and we were very lucky to have met so many super friendly people.

Things to see and things to do

Due to the many rebel uprisings and other safety problems (which have hopefully reached an end with the recent agreement between the government and the armed groups), tourism in Central African Republic is practically non-existent. It is very hard to get a visa and visitors are often considered suspicious. Thanks to a contact we had in the country, we did manage to get a transit visa on arrival.
Bangui is not a tourist destination nor is it the most beautiful place in the country, but as it is said to be the safest place in Central African Republic our destination was kind of decided for us. Until the situation stabilizes completely you should also stick to the capital or avoid traveling to CAR altogether.

Bangui is the capital and the largest city in Central African Republic. It is a colorful, vibrant city with wide boulevards, lively markets, and some colonial buildings. The main attractions in Bangui include the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Boganda Museum, and the Presidential Palace, of which you are (as is the practice in many African countries) not allowed to take photos. Taking photos is somewhat tricky throughout the city, as there are many governmental buildings, soldiers, and police officers to be found on every corner. We also visited the banks of the Ubangi River, which provides an important transport artery for riverboats between Bangui and Brazzaville and got to see the importance of water for the local community once more.

Central African Republic, wishing you peace and all the best. ♥

Where to stay

Currently, it’s not safe to stay in the Central African Republic. Tourism is entirely undeveloped and there are very few very expensive accommodation options. Are you planning a trip to the Central African Republic? Here you can get a room with a 10% discount!


As very few airlines fly to Bangui, it’s very expensive to travel to the Central African Republic. The visas are quite pricey as well. Accommodation prices are high and food prices depend on where you eat.

Best time to visit

Weather-wise, the best time to visit the Central African Republic is during the dry season (from December until May). Temperatures are high year-round. Due to political instability and uprisings, it’s currently not advisable to travel to the Central African Republic at all.

Environmental issues

Some of the most pressing environmental issues in the Central African Republic include desertification (due to major deforestation and soil erosion) and soil/water/air pollution. Forestland and farmland are in huge danger of disappearing, posing a threat to animals and the people of the country. The country has sufficient water resources, yet the tap water is not safe to drink. Wildlife destruction caused by poaching and mismanagement is also a big issue. In recent years, they have reported significant elephant, black rhinoceros, and northern square-lipped rhinoceros population losses. In fact, before elephant hunting was banned, the Central African Republic lost almost 90% of its elephant population.

Scientists suggest that tackling climate change which is causing many of the issues above and thus deepening poverty may even help build peace in the country torn by political instability and civil conflict.


Found lots of LOVE in Central African Republic. 😉 ♥

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