Country Nr 21 – Chad – no photos in N’djamena!

Country 21/196: Chad
Destination: N’djamena

Well, the first thing every tourist needs to know about N’djamena is that it’s forbidden to take photos of the most prominent places and monuments unless you have a special permit from the government. Since we didn’t have the permit we had to pay some guards/soldiers to allow us to take at least some shots, but we still had lots of restrictions, so the photos are far from perfect. It’s also good to know that there are a lot of soldiers all over the city to make sure that everyone follows the rules (including the one about taking photos). Other than that, the people are very friendly, the city offers some lovely sights, and the difference between an average home and the presidential palace is bigger in N’djamena than in any other city we’ve visited so far. It was definitely a very interesting experience.

Things to see and things to do

Chad is not a popular travel destination. Even though the country offers some beautiful sights, such as Zakouma National Park, Ounianga Kebir, Ennedi Plateau, Guelta d’Archei Lake, and Emi Koussi, travel outside of N’djamena is restricted due to safety concerns. If you are planning on visiting Chad, make sure to stick to its capital. Some of the city’s top attractions include:

  • Chad National Museum
  • Grande Mosquée de N’Djamena
  • N’Djamena Cathedral
  • Place de la Nation

Where to stay

Even though tourism is not big in N’djamena, there are a few nice and comfortable hotels to be found.

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Accommodation prices tend to be quite high due to low competition. And as Chad isn’t a very popular destination for tourists it may be somewhat expensive to enter the country. However, you can save some money on food and local transportation if you are willing to eat and travel like locals.

Best time to visit

Temperatures tend to be extremely high in Chad year-round. However, the best time to visit N’Djamena is in January and February and from July until December, when the temperatures are slightly cooler and the weather tends to be fairly dry. You needn’t worry about the city being overrun by tourists, but you should follow the news for safety reasons.

Environmental issues

One of the most pressing challenges in Chad is water shortage due to continuously low levels of precipitation and periodic droughts. Water scarcity is causing severe desertification. Pure drinking water is available to 31% of urban dwellers and 26% of the rural population. Soil and water pollution caused by improper waste disposal represent a major concern in both urban and rural areas of the country. Continuous conflict and warfare have also taken their toll on the environment and wildlife. Endangered species in Chad included the black rhinoceros, Dallon’s gerbil, and African wild ass.


Found lots of LOVE in Chad. 😉 ♥

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