Country Nr 20 – Nigeria – the contrasts of Lagos

Country 20/196: Nigeria
Destination: Lagos

Lagos was a roller-coaster for us. First, we met the nicest guy who made the visa gaining process upon arrival very easy for us, even though we didn’t have all the necessary paperwork. We were staying at the amazing Maroko bay shore suites and we loved it! The location was great, the staff was very nice, and the room was clean and comfortable. The next day we took a private tour of the city. The price was reasonable and the driver/tour guide was very knowledgeable. He took us to the fanciest and to the poorest parts of the city full of contrasts. It’s crazy that some people are poor fishermen living on the river, while others live in luxurious apartments and drive a Mercedes. It was a great experience!

Nigeria, thank you for the life lessons! Wishing you all the best!

Environmental issues

Nigeria is facing environmental problems typical of developing countries. Soil degradation and loss of soil fertility are caused by excessive cultivation. Cutting of timber is the main culprit of rapid deforestation. Air, soil and water pollution, along with oil spills and the burning of toxic wastes are becoming pressing issues in urban, more developed areas. In the early 1990s, Nigeria was among the 50 nations with the world’s highest levels of carbon dioxide emissions. Only 49% of the rural population has access to safe drinking water. Increasing desertification caused by climate change is affecting both people and wildlife.

According to Pure Earth, the Niger River Delta in Nigeria is one of the most polluted places on Earth. The effects of the oil industry in the fragile Niger Delta communities and environment have been enormous, as there were more than 7,000 oil spills between 1970 and 2000. According to researchers, a full clean-up of the region could take up to 25 years.

Found lots of LOVE in Nigeria. 😉 ♥

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