196xLOVE-about the project


The project In August 2018, we set off on a unique trip around the world in an attempt to become the first couple to travel to all 196 sovereign nations while promoting SUSTAINABILITY, PEACE, and LOVE! :) ♥ The plan The plan is to visit each country’s most romantic destination or most popular travel attraction (whenever and wherever possible) while focusing on our mission to promote sustainability, peace, and love. However, we are not doing it just to see the beauty of planet Earth. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability by planting trees (we are planning...

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Responsible tourism

Tarangire national park Tanzania

What is responsible tourism We love to travel. Travel enriches our lives on so many levels. It broadens our horizons, educates us, makes us grow as people, builds character and self-confidence, creates memories that last a lifetime, makes us more understanding and accepting of people of different nationalities, religious and cultural beliefs, puts life into perspective, makes us humble and so much more. Travel makes us happier and better people. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. – Anonymous However, tourism, sadly, often has a negative impact on a destination - environmental, social and economic. It increases pollution through...

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