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All you need to know before visiting Los Angeles


Budget Like any major city in the U.S. Los Angeles is pretty expensive, but as long as you are prepared to skip some attractions (museums, theme parks etc.) you should be able to afford it. • Prices for private rooms for two start at around 60 USD (50 EUR). • Food prices are affordable. A budget dinner with drinks costs somewhere between 9 USD (7,6 EUR) and 15 USD (12,6 EUR). Fast food restaurants and ethnic places are usually the cheapest. • Public transport is affordable as well. A single metro or city bus ride costs 1.75 USD. To save...

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Los Angeles travel itinerary


Taking a bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles gave us the opportunity to see the state of California. After more than 7 hours of driving and 380 miles of beautiful landscapes, we finally arrived in the spectacular city of L.A. Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, a paradise for art lovers and without a doubt one of the most hip cities in the world. It's famous for its year-round warm, Mediterranean climate, vast ethnic diversity, dazzling cultural life, and a long coastline with many beautiful beaches, where you can go surfing, shopping or simply enjoy a nice...

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All you need to know before visiting San Francisco

San Francisco

Budget San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US, but it's still a bit cheaper than New York. • It's almost impossible to find a private room for less than 60 USD (50 EUR). • Food is pretty expensive as well. A budget dinner with drinks costs at least 18 USD (17 EUR), and in fancier restaurants at least double or triple the price. • Public transport (Muni bus and rail) fares start at 2.50 USD (2.35 EUR). To save some more money, check out our Budget cutting tips. Where to stay You can find great accommodation options...

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San Francisco travel itinerary


From New York, we flew to San Francisco, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. San Francisco is known for its colorful (mainly Victorian and Modern) architecture, diverse culture, steep rolling hills, cable cars, mild climate, and its many major landmarks. It is the birthplace of the United Nations, the headquarters of many successful companies and the center of liberal activism in the United States (it got its nickname because of the Sexual Revolution, the Peace Movement opposing the United States involvement in the Vietnam War, the gay rights movement, and most of all the Hippie movement that reached a...

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US East coast bus tour

Niagara falls view

In the middle of our wonderful eight-day New York honeymoon, we decided to take some time to explore some other East coast destinations. We googled our options and found a great offer. We chose to take a Take Tours' four-day Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Thousand Islands tour from New York. The tour was easy to book, it was relatively cheap and the itinerary sounded awesome. Our four-day US East coast bus tour itinerary DAY 1 At 8:15 in the morning, a comfortable air-conditioned bus picked us up at the bus stop at 48 Bowery street in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York....

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All you need to know before visiting New York City

New York information

Budget • Accommodation in New York City is extremely expensive. It's hard to find a decent private room for less than 80 USD (68 EUR), especially in Manhattan. • Attractions can also get pretty pricey, but since in NYC there are so many awesome free things to do, you can easily skip attractions. • Food prices are reasonable. You can have a budget lunch for 5-10 USD (4.50-9 EUR) and a budget dinner with drinks for 20 USD (19 EUR). In restaurants expect to pay at least double or triple the price. • Metro is the cheapest mean of transportation. A...

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New York City travel itinerary

New York Top of the Rock view

It was September 9th, a warm summer evening, two months after we got married. We lived at Matic's parent's house at the time and since we had our flight on the next morning, our family and friends were all gathered there to spend our last evening with us. Our friends admired our idea and our family was naturally freaking out. Do you have a solid plan? (Not really.) Do you have enough money? (Barely.) Where will you be staying? (We don't have a reservation yet.) Will you be safe? (Hopefully.) We were just a couple of inexperienced college kids with...

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Couples who travel together stay together

travel couple

It's not only a well-known saying, it's also a confirmed fact - couples who travel together are more likely to stay together. Let's take a look at the reasons why. 1. Traveling gives you a common purpose First, you get to share a vision, a goal, a dream. You slowly build up a joint image. The shared mental landscape gives you something in common, it creates a special bond. And even though you may share your plan with your family and friends, the details of the image stay between you and your partner, which gives you a sense of belonging. Secondly,...

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Hello, World! :)

St John honeymoon

Hello and welcome to the Honeymoon Adventurers photo blog! :) As already mentioned in About us, we are a young married couple from Europe, Slovenia. More than four years ago, while still in college, we got married. The wedding was a big deal for us, as it is for any couple, but it wasn't half as important as planning our honeymoon. I mean, the honeymoon - love and travel - the most romantic and awesome experience any couple can ever have! The delightful holiday immediately after the wedding, where there is nothing but love, freedom, fun, relaxation, romance and breathtaking sights and adventures...

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