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St John honeymoon

As already mentioned in About us, we are a young married couple from Europe, Slovenia. More than four years ago, while still in college, we got married. The wedding was a big deal for us, as it is for any couple, but it wasn’t half as important as planning our honeymoon. I mean, the honeymoon – love and travel – the most romantic and awesome experience any couple can ever have! The delightful holiday immediately after the wedding, where there is nothing but love, freedom, fun, relaxation, romance and breathtaking sights and adventures all around! It’s a period of time when a couple is more in love than ever and they do whatever the heck they want. It is your one opportunity to create and enjoy your own idea of what paradise looks and feels like. 😉

As you can see, we take the honeymoon (or any other romantic getaway) planning business seriously. 🙂 Since couples who travel together stay together (check out the reasons why here), we are convinced, that it is very important for a couple to have their dream honeymoon. As experienced honeymooners, we are here to help you. 😉

Plan your perfect honeymoon

First, you have to decide on your destination. When deciding, we advise you to take into consideration the following:
• The desired length
• Your old or new dreams and wishes (about activities and the destination itself)
• Your hobbies and other things that make you happy and whether your potential destination offers them
• The climate, season, safety, landscape, and culture
• The transportation possibilities and durations
• The honeymoon style you prefer
• The type of traveling and lodging you prefer
• The finances
• Other potential preferences, like whether you are searching for a family-friendly or an adults-only resort, extraordinary nightlife, adventures or relaxation and total security etc.

Secondly, get ready for your super awesome honeymoon! Here you can find all the necessary information on planning and preparation, packing, how to travel like a pro, travel for couples, honeymoon activities, language for travelers and travel resources. We’ve got you covered! 😉

honeymoon adventurers

Our perfect honeymoon

For us, the dream was to have a long ‘mixed’ honeymoon somewhere warm, visiting as many places as possible. We decided to take a six-month trip through North and South America.

So, here it is, our (first) honeymoon in a nutshell… All the juicy details coming up soon! 😉

On 10th of September, we flew from Treviso, Italy to Marseille, France and the next day to New York, USA.

New York honeymoon

After five days of sightseeing and cool New York activities, we took a four-day bus tour to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Hershey’s chocolate factory, Niagara falls, and Thousand Islands.

Niagara falls

Afterward, we stayed in New York for three more days and then we finally flew to the lovely city of San Francisco.

San Francisco honeymoon

We stayed there for four days – long enough to walk the Golden Gate bridge with some flowers in our hair. 😉

Hollywood honeymoon

Next, we took a bus to Los Angeles. After five days of sexy beaches and Hollywood glamour, we moved on to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Neither did we. 🙂

Las Vegas

After two days of fun in Vegas, we rented a hot Mustang convertible and took a three-day road trip to Hoover Dam, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon. It was an amazing experience!

wild west road trip

On the next day after returning to Vegas, we took a flight to Miami.

Miami honeymoon

We stayed there for five wild days and then took our first ever cruise ship. ♥ We fell in love immediately. It was eight days of pure entertainment and pleasure! We visited The Bahamas, St. Thomas (USVI), Puerto Rico and Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos Islands). Swimming in the Caribbean for the first time was simply unforgettable!

We returned to Miami for just one night (on that night we went to see an NBA game) and on the next day we took our second ten-day cruise ship to St. John (USVI), Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Maarten. A-maze-ing!

Bahamas beach

Saint Lucia adventure

After six more days in Miami (where we celebrated Halloween) and the Everglades we were off to Jamaica!

Jamaica adventure

Six days were enough to explore this crazy island. We visited Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Kingston and everything in between. It was insane! 🙂

Next stop: Cuba! We were charmed by their music, beaches, and the romantic retro culture.

Cuba old car

Ten days later it was time to move on to Mexico! Wow! Twenty-two days of sun, sea, fun, great food, friendly people, incredible wilderness, and endless adventures. We managed to visit some major cities, cultural and natural monuments and coastal towns.

Mexico honeymoon

After that, we had a twenty-four-day experience of Central America: cities, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, jungles, and lots of unconventional means of transport along the way. 🙂 Here we celebrated our tropical Christmas and New Year, which was a unique experience in itself.

Costa Rica honeymoon

On 6th of January, we flew to Cartagena, Colombia. After three pretty cool days there, we took an almost two-day bus ride to Valencia, Venezuela, where we stayed with some incredibly friendly locals, who were kind enough to show us the top attractions.

Venezuela honeymoon

Five days later we returned to Colombia. First, we went to Maicao, then Medellin, Guatape, and finally to Bogota.

Colombia honeymoon

From there we took a bus to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. We were thrilled to see the highest capital city in the world and to stand with one foot on the Northern and with the other one on the Southern hemisphere. 🙂

Amazon river adventure

There we booked the ultimate Amazon experience! It was a wild adventure! A boat took us to the middle of the jungle, where we spent four days and three exciting (to put it mildly) nights. 🙂

After returning from the jungle we went to Peru! We visited Trujillo, Lima, Paracas, Nazca, Cusco, then we hiked to the wonderful Inca citadel Machu Picchu and ended our Peruvian experience in Puno, a city located on the shore of Lake Titicaca, where we visited the lake’s famous floating islands. Peru was definitely one of the highlights of our honeymoon!

Machu Picchu honeymoon

Next marvelous destination was Bolivia! First, we stayed at Copacabana, then we took a bus to La Paz, where we transferred to another bus that took us to the breathtaking Salar de Uyuni, which is the world’s largest salt flat. During the rainy season, Salar gets covered with water, which makes it the Earth’s closest approximation of Heaven. ♥ It was another of many life-changing moments we have experienced on our journey.

Bolivia adventure

After that, we headed to Argentina. For the first few days, we stayed in Buenos Aires, the beautiful city of tango and wine. And, oh, we’ve had our share of both! 🙂

From there we went to a village next to the amazing Iguazu Falls. Wow!

Iguazu falls

The next day we crossed our last border. It was time to explore Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro honeymoon

First, we stayed in Foz do Iguaçu, then Sao Paulo, Paraty and in the end we finally reached the magnificent Rio de Janeiro. We fell in love with its beautiful beaches, hills, jungles, panoramic views, the statue of Christ the Redeemer and the diverse city itself. And since we were there during the famous carnival, we definitely ended our honeymoon in style! 😉

Rio de Janeiro carnival

That was it! After countless amazing sights, crazy experiences and awesome adventures it was time to go home. 🙁

Since we came back we simply can’t stop traveling. We’ve traveled through Europe, took the time to explore our home country, had an amazing African adventure in Tanzania and returned to America twice already.

And now … the time for new adventures has come! 😉 And boy, oh, boy have we got something huge planned for 2018!!! 😀 To find out more about our past and future honeymoon adventures, stay tuned! 😉

Oh, and before you go, here’s a video of our ‘first’ honeymoon!!! 🙂 Back then we didn’t think we’d be using the footage for other than personal purposes, so we apologize for the shakiness and other amateur elements. Have an awesome day! 😉

First destination: awesome New York, New York! 🙂

Love, Carmen and Matic