Los Angeles travel itinerary

Taking a bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles gave us the opportunity to see the state of California. After more than 7 hours of driving and 380 miles of beautiful landscapes, we finally arrived in the spectacular city of L.A. Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, a paradise for art lovers and without a doubt one of the most hip cities in the world. It’s famous for its year-round warm, Mediterranean climate, vast ethnic diversity, dazzling cultural life, and a long coastline with many beautiful beaches, where you can go surfing, shopping or simply enjoy a nice oceanfront dinner.

LA Venice beach

Our four-day Los Angeles honeymoon itinerary (things to see and things to do)


Since we’re huge beach lovers, we woke up, packed our backpack and took a bus straight to Malibu. Los Angeles is a huge city and we were staying in a motel in South L.A. so it actually took us two and a half hours to get there, but it was worth it. Malibu is a charming coastal town, home of many Hollywood movie stars, entertainment legends, and other famous, influential people. We walked for miles along the beach, enjoying the California sun and the lovely sights of the glittering Pacific. It sounds like a perfect opportunity to dip in the water, but keep in mind, that the cold current along the California coastline makes the water pretty chilly all year round. Afterward, we took a bus to Santa Monica, where we enjoyed the town’s picturesque sights, went shopping, had dinner, walked the famous pier and admired the sun setting into the ocean.

malibu pier

santa monica pier


On the second day, we decided to walk the world-renowned Hollywood Walk of fame. But when we got to Hollywood Boulevard we got distracted by another hot attraction – the Hollywood sign. It looked so glamorous and appeared to be so close, that we decided to take a ‘closer look’. Once we started climbing towards it, we soon realized it’s not that close at all. The hike (for which we weren’t equipped, by the way), took us two whole hours. 🙂 But hey, it’s ‘the Hollywood sign’, one of the main attractions in the city, so the hike is an absolute must-do. 😉 When we finally returned to Hollywood Boulevard it was time to see the iconic stars, handprints, and footprints of Hollywood celebrities on the sidewalks. It was a pretty impressive sight as well!




Apparently, we didn’t get enough of the Hollywood glitter the previous day, so we returned to Hollywood Boulevard, this time to visit the legendary Dolby Theatre, the place where the Academy Award ceremonies are held annually. After that, we took a bus to Beverly Hills, one of the richest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, where we visited the Rodeo Drive shopping district, known for its many luxury stores, where Julia Roberts bought all of her fancy clothes in Pretty Woman. 😉

beverly hills

rodeo drive


On our last day in L.A., we rented a car and drove through the fanciest parts of the city, like the Hollywood Hills and Bel Air, in hope of bumping into a celebrity. 😀 We got so caught up in the Hollywood glamour, that we simply forgot to visit some of the city’s biggest landmarks, like the Venice beach, the Griffith Observatory and Park, the Hollywood Bowl, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Farmers Market, Sunset Boulevard, Getty Center or Disneyland. Luckily we got the chance to do all that in 2016 when we spent a whole month in L.A. and really got to feel the city’s amazing vibe. 🙂


♥ Top romantic experience

Since in L.A. you can find literally every cuisine in the world, a food tour or a simple romantic dinner for two may be an awesome idea. Go to Disneyland or Universal studios to reconnect with your inner child, visit a movie premiere or a concert at the famous Hollywood Bowl, rent a paddle boat and have a nice quiet afternoon on the water, have a picnic in an idyllic garden, take a romantic dinner cruise, have a relaxing spa treatment for two, explore the city’s bustling nightlife and go dancing to one of L.A.’s many sexy nightclubs, visit the charming coastline during the sunset and take a romantic stroll on the beach or simply enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the Getty Center, the Griffith Observatory or the Hilltop Park.

santa monica sunset

♥ Top adventure

In Los Angeles adventures are not hard to find. There are endless amazing biking and hiking trails, and many ocean-related activities, like surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, diving, whale watching or sailing. You can go horseback riding, rock climbing, skydiving or paragliding with a view. L.A. also offers many great amusement parks, but the best one would probably have to be the famous Pacific Park, located on the Santa Monica Pier, where you can have thrilling rides while soaking up the famous California sun and soaking in the mesmerizing views of the lovely coastline.

los angeles adventure

Are you wondering about the daily budget, the best time to go, visa and immunization requirements, local customs, currency, electricity standards, safety tips and where to stay? Here you can find out all you need to know before visiting Los Angeles.

Have you already been to Los Angeles? We invite you to share your top romantic experience and top adventure in the comment section below. 😉

Next stop: Vegas, baby! 😉