Exploring the fairytale town of Hallstatt

Last July we went to a concert in Prague and on our way back home we decided to make a short stop in Hallstatt – probably the most idyllic alpine village in the world. ♥ Hallstatt has been listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997. It’s located in Upper Austria, on the shore of Hallstätter lake and surrounded by the Dachstein Mountains. Hallstatt is one of the most romantic places on Earth and therefore a wonderful honeymoon destination. 😉

Hallstatt picturesque village

Things to see

Evangelical Church of Hallstatt (the iconic church located right on the lake – the symbol of Hallstatt)

Evangelical Church of Hallstatt

Hallstatt Evangelical Church of Hallstatt view

The Catholic parish church of Hallstatt (located on the steep slope of the Dachstein Mountains, it offers stunning views of the town and lake)

The Catholic parish church of Hallstatt

Hallstatt houses and Catholic parish church

Hallstatt’s market square (the town’s main square – a historic square, surrounded by picturesque houses, restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops)

Hallstatt’s market square

Holy Trinity statue (located on Hallstatt’s market square)

• World Heritage Skywalk (a viewpoint located 350 meters above the village, which offers a stunning panoramic view over Hallstatt and the lake)

• Salzwelten Salt Mines of Hallstatt (the world’s oldest salt mines)

• World Heritage Museum of Hallstatt

Things to do

• Take a stroll through the charming town and enjoy its countless amazing sights.

Swan Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt Austria Hallstatter view

Hallstatt Austria river stream

Hallstatt Austria walking tour

Hallstatt waterfall

Hallstatt swan

Hallstatt street flowers

Hallstatt Austria flowers on houses

Hallstatt honeymoon

• Hire a paddle boat or an electric boat and explore the hidden corners of the lake.

Hallstatter lake

Hallstatt lake view

• Explore the hiking trails of Echern Valley. Get lost in the wild and enjoy the lush nature.

• Have a romantic lakeside lunch.

Hallstatter see

• Go souvenir shopping.

♥ Top romantic experience and top adventure

Hallstatt offers a lot of romance and outstanding adventures. You can admire the colorful alpine architecture, go hiking, or have some sliding fun at the Salzwelten Salt Mines. We loved everything about Hallstatt, however, we loved the swan paddle boat adventure the most. The ride itself was adventurous, the view of the town and the surrounding mountains was insanely romantic and the whole experience was very peaceful. ♥

Hallstatt swan paddle boat

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Have you already been to Hallstatt? We invite you to share your top romantic experience and top adventure in the comment section below. 😉