Country Nr 37 – Gabon – rising temperatures in the capital of a forest-covered country

Country 37/196: Gabon
Destination: Libreville

We did a quick tour of Libreville, the capital of Gabon, which was actually no easy task, since it was 39°C, and the city turned out to be quite charming. 😉

Things to see and things to do

Libreville is a modern, yet traditional African city. It offers some truly unique buildings, a lovely coastline, and amazing lush tropical nature. 😉

Some of the city’s top attractions include:

– St Marie Cathedral

– Boulevard Triomphal

– Ministry of Forestry and Environment

– Ministry of Mines and Petrol

– The state senate

– When it got too hot for sightseeing, we went looking for shelter in Arboretum de Sibang.

Gabon, thank you for your hospitality! Wishing you LOVE and PEACE! 😉

Where to stay

There are all kinds of accommodation options for all kinds of travelers to be found in Libreville.

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Even though there are many hotels and tourist agencies offering overpriced rooms and tours, it is entirely possible to travel in Gabon without spending a ton of money. Accommodation prices in Libreville range from 30 USD (25 EUR) to 350 USD (300 EUR). You can save a lot of money by choosing local transportation and eating in local diners.

Best time to visit

Gabon lies on the equator, therefore the temperatures are hot year-round and there is a lot of precipitation. The best time to visit Gabon is during the drier season – from May to September.

Environmental issues

Lush forests that cover 78-85% of the country (Gabon is the African country with the second-highest percentage of land covered by forest) are threatened by overlogging causing deforestation. Many coastal forests have been severely depleted, but most of the interior remains under dense forest cover. Wildlife preservation is another pressing issue, as only 2.7% of Gabon’s total land area is protected. Poaching is also a major problem. In urban areas, pollution is a growing concern. Water is affected by industrial, agricultural, and household pollutants, air quality has decreased, and poor waste management is polluting the cities.

Romance and adventure

Gabon is not a popular honeymoon destination and tourism, in general, is underdeveloped in Gabon. However, the country does offer some lovely beaches, Loango National Park, Ogooué River Falls, and the Crystal Mountains.


Found lots of LOVE in Gabon. 😉 ♥

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