Country Nr 24 – Somaliland – Laas Geel and the 9000 years old cave paintings

Country 24/196: Somalia (actually it was Somaliland)
Destination: Hargeisa

Somalia is considered a rather dangerous country, so we had to find a safe spot to visit. We decided to visit Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia. Luckily, Hargeisa turned out to be a lovely city. We also visited Laas Geel, an archeological site near the city, where one can admire more than 9000 years old cave paintings and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. We were absolutely fascinated! Somaliland, thank you for your hospitality! It was a great experience!

Things to see and things to do

Some of Somaliland’s most popular destinations are:

  • Laas Geel
  • Naasa Hablood
  • Hargeisa
  • Berbera

Where to stay

Even though Somaliland is currently not a very popular tourist destination, Hargeisa offers a number of nice and cozy accommodation options. We were staying at the lovely Maamuus Hotel.

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Accommodation prices vary widely. Cheaper hotel rooms for couples cost around 15 USD/13 EUR a night. Food prices are relatively inexpensive. Transportation, on the other hand, is quite expensive, especially all flights to and from Somaliland.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Somaliland is from November to March. The temperatures are most pleasant and the weather is driest this time of year.

Environmental issues

Due to the country’s increasingly dry climate and the impacts of climate change, both Somalia and Somaliland as an autonomous region are experiencing severe desertification. Deforestation caused by overgrazing and excessive timber cutting is deteriorating the situation. The result is famine and biodiversity loss. Only about 26% of the entire population has access to safe drinking water. The use of contaminated water contributes to human health problems.

Romance and adventure

Somaliland (let alone Somalia) may not be among the most popular honeymoon destinations, but we found our one-day trip to Laas Geel both romantic and adventurous.


Found lots of LOVE in Somaliland. 😉 ♥

Honeymoon rating of the visited destinations: ♥♥♥♡♡

Somaliland’s archeological sites are pretty awesome, however, there are some safety concerns, which you should take into account before visiting the country.

* Note: This is NOT a general rating of the country, it is merely our personal opinion of the mentioned site(s) as honeymoon destinations, based on the level of tourism development, the number and quality of romantic and adventurous activities and sites it offers, and safety. We strongly believe that every country is beautiful in its own way, they may simply be more or less honeymoon oriented/friendly.

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