Country Nr 12 – Liberia – visiting the diverse city of Monrovia

Country 12/196: Liberia
Destination: Monrovia

Even though there is a number of great national parks and beaches to be found in Liberia, we have decided to feel the lively vibe of the country’s largest city. Monrovia is the capital of Liberia and it’s a beautiful, diverse, and modern city. We loved the vibrant streets and markets of this bustling city and we truly admired the ruins of the Ducor Hotel – the first hotel in Liberia and the spectacular view of the city, the Atlantic ocean, and the Saint Paul River it offers. The once luxurious hotel has been destroyed during the First Liberian Civil War from 1989 until 1997. The former pride of the country turned ruin now serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of war.
As for the local food, it’s the first time that we really didn’t like it. We thought that the tastes were way too strong, even though we tend to like strong tastes. But that’s just our humble opinion, we’re sure many of you would love it. 🙂

Things to see and things to do

Monrovia’s most popular sights include:

  • The National Museum of Liberia
  • Centennial Pavilion
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Church
  • Waterside Market
  • The ruins of Ducor Intercontinental Hotel
  • Cape Mesurado
  • Bernard’s Beach
  • Cece beach
  • Providence Island

Where to stay

In Liberia, we were staying in the amazing Royal Grand Hotel, which charmed us with its lovely rooms, tasty food, artistic vibe, and welcoming people.

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According to Budget your trip, the average daily price based on the experiences of other travelers is around ₡25,152 (42 USD/36 EUR). Accommodation prices range from 15 USD/13 EUR to 250 USD/212 EUR. Food and transportation prices depend on whether you wish to eat and travel like the locals, or you prefer upscale restaurants and means of transportation.

Best time to visit

If you want to avoid heavy rains and potential roadblocks, make sure to visit Liberia during the dry season (from November to April).

Environmental issues

Tropical rain forest deforestation is one of the most pressing concerns in Liberia. The country used to have significant primary forest reserves, however, nowadays those reserves are threatened by commercial logging, firewood cutting, and even a government land-clearing program. Forests currently account for less than 30% of Liberia’s land. Hunting and loss of habitat have caused severe biodiversity loss. Soil erosion is another major environmental problem, and so is the pollution of coastal waters from oil residue and raw sewage. The water supply is limited. Only 13% of the rural population has access to pure drinking water.

Romance and adventure

Exploring Monrovia’s top sights can be both romantic and adventurous, however, visiting a nearby beach or exploring a national park, where you can admire the country’s wildlife may be far more thrilling.


Found lots of LOVE in Liberia. 😉 ♥ We’ve witnessed some truly heartwarming scenes! However, since people really don’t like being photographed it’s getting increasingly difficult to get a high-quality photo of love. Hopefully, you don’t mind.

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