Drinking sangria and eating tapas in Madrid

The site of modern-day Madrid has been inhabited since the Stone age, but the first historical document of its existence dates to the 9th century. Throughout the history, the city was influenced by the Muslim, Christian, Visigothic, Greek, Roman, Celtic and Iberian culture. Precisely because of its rich culturally diverse history, Madrid grew to be so special.

Madrid Palacio Real

Today the city is known for its imposing architecture and art, for the many taverns and restaurants, where you’ll fall in love with the local cuisine, dazzling nightlife and for the vibrant culture. It is the third largest city in the EU, the capital of Spain and the home of the Spanish royal family, which adds to the city’s charm. The locals are kind, open and welcoming, the streets are filled with music and joy and the city is full of characteristic Spanish passion for life. Its lively soul is what we love the most. There is so much passion in the air. It’s everywhere – in the people, their language, food, sunny weather, and music. Life is slower in Spain. The locals take their time to enjoy good food, company and to rest. Spanish siesta (an afternoon nap) is still quite common, especially during the hot summer.

Madrid is a mesmerizing city, that offers romance and adventure and is, therefore, a perfect destination for a hot honeymoon.

Palacio real Madrid

Things to see

• The Royal Palace (the official residence of the Spanish royal family) and the Sabatini gardens

• Teatro Real (the Royal Theatre, a major opera house)

• Plaza de Cibeles (a beautiful square at the intersection of three major roads, it is famous for the extraordinary city hall (Palacio de Cibeles) and the historic fountain in front of it)

• Plaza Mayor (a famous square in Central Madrid)

• Puerta del Sol (one of the busiest squares in the city, the city center – km 0 of the radial network of Spanish roads and the location of the official symbol of Madrid – the statue of The Bear and the Strawberry Tree (El Oso y el Madroño))

Symbol of Madrid

• Plaza de España (yet another famous square, known for the statue of Cervantes)

• Plaza de Colón

• Buen Retiro Park (a public park that used to belong to the Spanish monarchy)

• Casa de Campo (the largest park in Madrid)

• Gran Via (Madrid’s most famous street, known for shopping and nightlife)

• Market of San Miguel (a gourmet tapas market in the center of Madrid)

• Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (home stadium of Real Madrid, one of the best football clubs in the world)

• Museo Nacional Del Prado (The Prado Museum, the most prominent museum in Spain)

Madrid street

Things to do

• Spain is known for tapas (appetizers). In certain bars, you get an appetizer for free, when you order a drink. You can also combine tapas into a full meal. Make sure you try them.

• Spanish cuisine is delicious, so you should definitely try some of their most popular dishes, like Paella, Croquetas, Gazpacho, Empanadas, Jamón (Ibérico or Serrano), Chorizo, Bocadillos, Tortilla Española, Pan con Tomate, Pisto, Patatas Bravas, Gambas al Ajillo (garlic prawns) or other Spanish seafood, and Churros with chocolate. Those tasty dishes go perfectly with a glass of fine Spanish wine or Sangria – the delicious punch of Spanish origin.

Jamon Madrid

• If you love food (prosciutto, in particular), you should consider visiting the Museum of jamón (Museo del jamón), located at the famous Plaza Mayor.

• Since football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Spain and since two of the best football clubs in the world (Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid) are located in Madrid, a live match might be a thrilling experience.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

• Spanish music is one of the most sensual and romantic music genres. Therefore a Spanish guitar performance is a big must for you two lovebirds.

• Flamenco is a music and dance style from Andalusia, Spain and it’s known for handclapping, vivid arm gestures, castanets, proud posture, passionate rhythm and melody, and for its emotional intensity. It is sure to turn you on.

• Take a trip to the Retiro park, relax and admire the many royal statues and monuments.

• Visit the Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple in Parque del Oeste. The ancient temple itself is very romantic and since it’s on a hilltop it offers a great view of the city. The experience is even more magical if you go there at sunset.

• For a cultural experience visit some of Madrid’s numerous museums or theaters.

• If you’re looking for a wild night out, Madrid (the Puerta del Sol area) is the right place.

Buen Retiro park Madrid


Prices for a private room for two start at around 25 EUR (27 USD). You can get a tasty meal for a reasonable price as well – tapas, for example, cost a bit over 5 EUR (5.4 USD) and multi-course meals around 25 EUR (27 USD). Food is overpriced near major landmarks, so we suggest you avoid those areas. Metro is the cheapest mean of transportation – fares start at 1.5 EUR (1.6 USD). Bike rentals are also pretty popular.

Where to stay

You can find nice accommodation options on Booking. Make sure to search for private rooms popular for romance. 😉 On Airbnb you can rent furnished apartments – those are usually cheaper than most hotels and they offer you the real Madrid experience.

Madrid square

Best time to go

The high season is during the summer. In this time, the weather is usually very sunny and it can get uncomfortably hot. If you want to avoid high temperatures and big crowds, late spring and early fall are good alternatives. Based on TripAdvisor hotel value data and temperatures, March, April, and November are the best months to visit Spain.

♥ Top romantic experience

There are so many romantic parks, panoramic views, gardens, restaurants, theaters, and spas in Madrid, that you almost can’t go wrong. You can also go on a food and wine tasting tour, dancing or simply take a stroll and enjoy the architecture and the soul of the city. For us, the most romantic experience in Madrid (or any other city in Spain, for that matter) is attending an authentic flamenco show in a candlelit bar and enjoying a delicious meal. It would without a doubt be an unforgettable date.

Romantic Palacio Real Madrid

♥ Top adventure

You can rent a scooter, bikes or rollerblades and explore the city, maybe visit one of many festivals or go boating in the Retiro park and thereby combine adventure with romance. If you’re craving for a true adrenaline rush, you can go paintballing, car racing, rock climbing at Espacio Acción, bungee jumping, skydiving or even skiing (Snowzone Madrid offers indoor skiing, while the nearest outdoor slopes are in Valdesqui, Puerto de Navacerrada, and La Pinilla). Madrid offers many adventures – take your pick. 😉

Don Quixote statue

Have you already been to Madrid? We invite you to share your top romantic experience and top adventure in the comment section below. 😉