All you need to know before visiting United Kingdom

Westminster bridge London

Budget The United Kingdom is one of the most expensive countries in the world. You can save some money by avoiding the most popular tourist places, skipping major attractions, sleeping in hostels or Airbnb rentals, and eating at inexpensive restaurants. Buying a city discount card could also save you a few dollars. • Prices for private rooms start at 35 USD (28 EUR) in London - 50 USD (41 EUR) in Central London, 40 USD (32 EUR) in Edinburgh and Birmingham, and 35 USD (28 EUR) in Manchester. • Food prices are generally expensive. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 15...

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Tea, biscuits, and a whole lot of sightseeing in London

Eye of London

London recently won the title of the most romantic place in the United Kingdom and to us, it comes as no surprise. This city is simply beautiful. And in spite of the crowds and bustle of the largest city in the European union, it offers a surprisingly long list of romantic things to do. This city is sure to charm you with its compelling architecture, great history, settled traditions, and cultural diversity. The sole fact that it is the capital of an actual kingdom and therefore the home of the royal family is pretty fascinating, isn't it? :) It is posh and...

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