All you need to know before visiting San Francisco

San Francisco

Budget San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US, but it's still a bit cheaper than New York. • It's almost impossible to find a private room for less than 60 USD (50 EUR). • Food is pretty expensive as well. A budget dinner with drinks costs at least 18 USD (17 EUR), and in fancier restaurants at least double or triple the price. • Public transport (Muni bus and rail) fares start at 2.50 USD (2.35 EUR). To save some more money, check out our Budget cutting tips. Where to stay You can find great accommodation options...

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San Francisco travel itinerary


From New York, we flew to San Francisco, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. San Francisco is known for its colorful (mainly Victorian and Modern) architecture, diverse culture, steep rolling hills, cable cars, mild climate, and its many major landmarks. It is the birthplace of the United Nations, the headquarters of many successful companies and the center of liberal activism in the United States (it got its nickname because of the Sexual Revolution, the Peace Movement opposing the United States involvement in the Vietnam War, the gay rights movement, and most of all the Hippie movement that reached a...

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