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Budget Prices in Brazil are relatively high, especially by South American standards. The most expensive destinations in Brazil are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (food and attraction-wise). • Prices for private rooms start at 15 USD (12.5 EUR) in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and 22 USD (18.5 EUR) in Foz do Iguaçu and Paraty. • Food prices are fairly expensive, especially in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 4.3 USD (3.6 EUR), in Rio and São Paulo at 7.5 USD (6.3 EUR). Street food is generally cheaper. • Transportation costs are pretty high,...

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Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and as such, it is extraordinarily diverse - culturally, ethnically, biologically (Brazil is one of 17 megadiverse countries), and geographically. Its landscapes include the Amazon rainforest, a long and beautiful coastline with countless islands, extensive dune fields, the world's largest tropical wetland area (Pantanal), high mountains, breathtaking waterfalls (Iguazu Falls), stunning caves, and large urban areas. It is known for numerous natural attractions, significant cultural achievements, samba dance, the bossa nova music genre, delicious cuisine, coffee, great artists and sportsmen, vibrant nightlife, awesome festivals and, of course, the Rio Carnival. Brazil is without a doubt one of the...

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