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Budget • Accommodation in New York City is extremely expensive. It's hard to find a decent private room for less than 80 USD (68 EUR), especially in Manhattan. • Attractions can also get pretty pricey, but since in NYC there are so many awesome free things to do, you can easily skip attractions. • Food prices are reasonable. You can have a budget lunch for 5-10 USD (4.50-9 EUR) and a budget dinner with drinks for 20 USD (19 EUR). In restaurants expect to pay at least double or triple the price. • Metro is the cheapest mean of transportation. A...

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It was September 9th, a warm summer evening, two months after we got married. We lived at Matic's parent's house at the time and since we had our flight on the next morning, our family and friends were all gathered there to spend our last evening with us. Our friends admired our idea and our family was naturally freaking out. Do you have a solid plan? (Not really.) Do you have enough money? (Barely.) Where will you be staying? (We don't have a reservation yet.) Will you be safe? (Hopefully.) We were just a couple of inexperienced college kids with...

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