All you need to know before visiting Russia

Moscow church

Budget Prices in Russia vary greatly by region. Moscow, for example, is very expensive, even by most European standards. Rural regions, on the other hand, are very cheap. • Prices for private rooms vary a lot. They start at 16 USD (13 EUR) in Moscow (20 USD (16 EUR) in the city center), and 10 USD (8 EUR) in Saint Petersburg and Kazan. • Food prices are relatively cheap as long as you focus on local restaurants, street food, and fast food. Tourist restaurants are usually overpriced. Prices for a budget dinner start at around 8 USD (6.5 EUR). • Transportation costs are low...

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Admiring the diversity of Moscow

Moscow red square

Moscow is a very popular tourist destination and indeed a stunning city. It is the capital of Russia - a country famous for its unique and very obvious cultural diversity, rich history and turbulent politics, outstanding architecture and superb art - therefore an undeniably special country. Moscow is known for its numerous architectural masterpieces, in particular, its churches and cathedrals with multiple golden or brightly colored domes (e.g. Saint Basil's Cathedral - wow!), prominent museums and neat gardens. The city underwent drastic political and cultural changes, which is clearly reflected in the architecture, the people, and the spirit of the city. It is...

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