Make money online: two proven ways to financial freedom

Make money online: two proven ways to financial freedom

That is how this sort of articles normally start:

Are you tired of living your life paycheck to paycheck? Are you stuck in a job that you actually hate? Are you constantly finding yourself without free time? Do you have the weight of unpaid loans crushing your spirit? Perhaps you are just starting your career and don’t want to go down the wrong path? Maybe you are unemployed, a home-stay mom or dad, a student, or a retiree looking to make some extra money to make the ends meet easier? Whichever the case, we are here to help you improve your financial situation and all from wherever in the world.

And apparently that kind of talk actually attracts people’s attention, but that is not our style, we don’t like being “salesy”, especially when we are not selling you anything. We are here only to share with you what we KNOW based on our own experience.


Money is only a tool!

Before we move into details, we would like to help you achieve a proper mindset. A mindset that will enable you to look at the money properly and will help you take the right actions. For starters, let us tell you that definitely shouldn’t position money as a core value or even one of the core values. Values like LOVE, PEACE, and SUSTAINABILITY are the ones to focus on. Money can’t buy you happiness and that is a fact. Money is only a tool, however, a very powerful one.

When one lives attached to money, pride or power, it is impossible to be truly happy.
-Pope Francis

Let’s all be honest, we live in times when one simply cannot survive without money. We have traveled all across the globe and can tell you there is only a hand full of tribes left that haven’t gotten succeed in this system and they live a life that none of us would be really comfortable with. Trust us, we’ve seen it.

So unless you own a farm and produce your own food, you can’t even put the food on the table without money. Without money you can’t afford to put the roof over your head, you can’t put the clothes on your body, you sure can’t raise children without money, afford to travel, drive a car, … YOU GET THE PICTURE, RIGHT?

Given these facts, it is easy to get stuck doing things you don’t like, things you hate, things that suck up your time, things that are morally questionable or even illegal, just to get a piece of the pie. There are countless corporations and lobbies intentionally exploiting employers, environment, and animals, countless scammers, and others filling their pockets on account of someone else’s disadvantage.

Wars have been started because of the money. Many species have already become extinct because of the money. Money is even responsible for ENHANCED GLOBAL WARMING and its denial at the same time.

A study presented by Oriel Feldman Hall of Cambridge University that was performed back in 2011 showed that most of us are willing to compromise our moral principals when it comes to money. Participants were first set a question if they would inflict other person pain for money and 64 % said they would never do such a thing.

In the second phase, those same participants were given an option to push a button to electroshock an individual in another room and receive one pound (equals slightly more than $1 or 1€) in return. 1 pound. The results were horrifying. An unbelievable 96% of participants decided to push the button. Shocking, right?

Now it might be easier to understand why most of us fall into the trap of modern slavery, where we end up working a job we don’t like, putting in extra hours, sacrificing our time, family and relationships.

We can blame it on capitalism, but the reality is that there hasn’t been a system that having money or some other form of wealth wouldn’t improve individuals’ position. As such, it is up to all of us to focus on positive things that can be achieved and bought with money. We all hold a massive responsibility and have to make sure to spend money on things that are either essential or things that contribute to improving our lives and the lives of other creatures we share our planet with.

If you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.
Lily Tomlin

We can all agree that we must all do our best to keep our moral compass well-calibrated once it comes to money. As such, we would like to kindly ask you to use proven working ways to make money online that we will share herein inline with all legal and moral guidelines. We need you to make this promise to yourself and sware on someone closest to you. Ok?


Financial freedom and how to achieve it

Each and every one of us has his or her own concept of financial freedom, the reality is that only a very small fraction of the world’s population achieves it. Most end up getting by paycheck to paycheck and later on pension to pension. And this sure can’t be called financial freedom. Financial freedom starts when one has months or years or ultimately a life-time of their essential expenses (these are also relative) covered.

Most of us follow the so-called traditional path, the path that is shown to us by the traditional education systems all across the globe, the one that our parents took, the one that leads us down the path of “normal” life. The one where we try to do well to get good grades, get to a good college and get a good job. A job where we trade our time for money, also known as “9 to 5”, which typically involves us working for a company or an institution that will pay us weekly or monthly payouts for our time. There might be additional bonuses and benefits included, depending on the quality and kindness of your employer or general standards in your country.

It’s time to reset, rethink, reposition.
Hunter Hayes

Unless you lend an extremely high hourly rate or really genuinely love your job, you are more or less stuck struggling to make the ends meet. This is also known as the modern-age slavery. This type of money-time exchange will enable an average person to live a rather comfortable life, buy an apartment or a house, with the use of a mortgage, of course, drive a reasonably decent car, and go on a vacation or two per year. However, it will mostly leave you with very little free time, very limited time to spend with your family and friends, to go out into nature, to exercise, limited time to really enjoy life.

We come from a country, where tuitions are free even for top-level colleges, however, there is still a lot of money spent on student apartments, commute, food, and books. But there are countries like the US, where countless students must take loans to get a degree. As such, let us tell this to all the parents and all the high school students reading this. Collage is only for those who know exactly what they want to do for a living and can’t learn this through other courses, such as doctors and scientists for instance. If that is not the case, a person will most likely waste a lot of money and time going down that road.

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. The only function of a school is to make self-education easier; failing that, it does nothing.
-Isaac Asimov

Self-education is already highly available and will improve much more in the upcoming years. Moreover, self-education is also way more affordable than college. It also provides one with the exact knowledge needed and makes one ready to take on a job and earn money right away. Unlike most college degrees, where one starts to learn specific tasks only after being employed.

There are faster ways to become financially independent, such as winning a lottery, inheriting wealth, becoming a rockstar or a movie star, or creating a highly successful company or brand. Out of these, the last one is the most realistic one, yet still difficult to pull off for many. Or is it?

To achieve financial freedom one must find a job (if possible working for yourself) that he or she loves. This is a prerequisite to be really good at it, which is a prerequisite to get paid really good money. And let us tell you, that there are so many possible jobs out there, even online, that it is possible (at least in theory) for everyone to find a perfect job.

However, currently, there is still one major problem with self-education, especially online – there are a lot of people selling air and can be really overwhelming for an average person to pinpoint the ones that provide high-quality knowledge and are worth spending time and money on.

To overcome this obstacle one needs to find someone to trusts and is willing to listen to that person’s advice. Because there are people who already reached a place where you want to get and can make things a lot easier for you.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.
-Tony Robbins


Our path to financial freedom and online experience

My wife and I, we both excelled in the school system, we easily got to the college of our choice and got our masters degree. However, we never had a vision of what exactly we wanted to do with our degrees. The problem was we never stopped and took a moment to think through this important part or perhaps we were too young to know what we wanted. The bottom line is, we blindly followed the path that was presented to us and forgot to think about our WHY, about why we were on that path in the first place.

As such, we soon realized we want more out of our lives. A lot more than what a standard path of “9 to 5” had in store for us. We wanted more freedom, more time to travel and spend more time together, more money to be able to help others and the environment.

As such, we started searching for alternative options to make a living. Given the fact that we are passionate about traveling, we obviously needed something that would offer us location independence. As such, the internet was a place to start for us. Back in 2015, when we got our degrees, we got our standard jobs, yet kept spending lots of time and energy searching for alternative options, as we at least knew what we didn’t want (what we really wanted was still slightly foggy :S).

But like we mentioned above, once you go online and type in Google “How to make money online” (this how most of us start online), you get thrown into the ocean of scams, false promises, and methods that might have worked in the past, but don’t work anymore, and you swim as well as you can, struggling to keep your head above the surface. Luck is a huge factor in the short term, however, in the long run, luck is basically neglectable.

Of course, if we were to give up when encountering the first scam, we wouldn’t get anywhere. Luckily, we are both very persevering, which kept us going. The fact that our goals were getting clearer and clearer also helped a lot in that department. As we persisted we started to see past the tons of bulls**t and false promises more easily and we also started to notice certain patterns or methods presented by reputable bloggers or other trustworthy folks online, which became a sort of our mentors.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.
Oprah Winfrey


One of the easiest ways to start an online money-making path is Affiliate marketing

Like most who start an online business, we first heard on AFFILIATE MARKETING. If you’ve never heard of it, this means you can get links to other companies’ services and products and get a certain percentage, if a person decides to purchase those. This percentage depends on the company and it can be as low as 4% or even as high as 90% or even 100% (this is possible because some companies use certain products only as part of promotions).

But even after learning about the theory, there was still a rather unknown and uncertain path in front of us. Especially because, we were not comfortable spending any money online. We wanted to find a way for free (that was one of our huge mistakes). And this is where most people who are starting online make this mistake.

REMEMBER: Finding reliable and trustworthy information and succeed online completely for FREE is a struggle. It is possible to start for FREE, but to go to the next level you will need to invest at least some money.

Luckily, we soon found Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

We have been members now for almost 4 years. They offer a free account, which gives you more than enough accessibility to see if you like it enough to upgrade to their premium option, which you can get for $19 for the first month and then for $49/month. However, they will offer you a yearly payment option, which typically goes for about $300.

Their customer support service at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and highly responsive 24/7, they also offer domain hosting, and high-quality training to give you all the information and all the tools you will need to start making money online. They have one of the warmest and most supportive communities that will embrace you with open arms and help you a lot as you start. You will learn ins and outs of affiliate marketing, creating your own websites in minutes, keywords, SEO, and most other stuff you must know going online. If you want to learn more details about Wealthy Affiliate, click on this link.

Since then we’ve built several successful websites, one of them being this blog called Honeymoon Adventurers, which you are currently on. But mostly the knowledge and tools learned at WA, provided us with the confidence to start the path towards our financial freedom and follow our dreams and for that, we will be forever grateful. We still host all our websites on their platform and pay the yearly fee.


Most powerful online courses ever

There were many other platforms we tried since discovering Wealthy Affiliate, but none impressed us enough to share it with you. That all changed when we got our hands on Dean & Tony’s new online course.

For those of you who have no idea who Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins: they are both self-made millionaires and probably two of the most successful and highest-paid life-transforming speakers and business consultants in the world teamed up with the ultimate goal of setting self-education as the new norm. They have created the most incredible course called The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB).

We can only say “WOW”. This course and the entire MasterMind Platform and MindMint Software are really incredible. Both are extremely professional and at the highest quality possible.

KBB course and access to the tools and software is probably priceless to anyone who decides to give it a shot as it will definitely change your life forever, but they’ve valued it at over $6000 (which in our opinion is really underestimated). It is intended to give you all the information and the tools to help you start a new career to share your expertise or become a knowledge broker (if you fill like you don’t have any expertise yet).

But the course is actually designed in a way that will completely transform your mindset and help you see things clearer than ever before. And this will help you take all the aspects of your life (your health, your finances, your relationships, your motivation, and much more) to a higher level. THAT IS WHY WE ARE WILLING TO SAY IT IS PRICELESS.

You can either read our own in-depth review of KBB (click on the button below) or simply register for a free online presentation, where Tony and Dean will tell you all you need to know before you decide if this is for you or not. Are you ready to register for Dean & Tony’s introduction FREE video? If yes, it will take you no more than a couple of seconds to do so.

We are alive during an amazing shift. We’ve had the agricultural age, then the industrial age and now we have completely evolved into the information age. You’re probably wondering what that even means… So let us blow your mind real quick!

Did you know that every second $4,108.80 is spent on information products? That means that people are paying other individuals to learn from them at a rate of $355 million dollars a day! And Forbes predicts this number will grow to $1 billion by 2025, so now is the perfect time to jump on the train. If you want to learn about the details, reserve your spot today.

Today is your opportunity to say yes – to give it your all, expand your own mind, and understand your true potential.
Panache Desai

Our overview and standing point regarding making money online

We have learned that there are four core business models to make money online: Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital Products, Coaching & Consulting, and Events & Masterminds.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest place to start as you can begin with as little as an email address. However, as your knowledge grows, you will most likely combine more of these, maybe even all four. However, we suggest you start with one because this will allow you to focus more and get good at it faster.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

We advise those with a very limiting budget to start at Wealthy Affiliate. You can start for free and progress with as little as $19 for the first month if you decide to go premium. You will learn a lot and start your path towards making money online with ease and with an awesome community.

Are you are ready to give WA a shot? Hell yes, right?

If you want more info about WA, we invite you to read our Wealthy Affiliate detailed review.


Can you afford KBB? How much is a BETTER LIFE worth to you?

However, if you can afford to purchase the KBB course, we really believe you should go for it. You can get in on it for $597 if you select a 4-payment option or one single payment of $1,997. This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, so those two don’t mutually exclude each other. Even if you currently have no plans to teach others or believe you couldn’t do it, this course delivers incredible value. Tony and Dean made their knowledge and 60 years of combined experience available in this single master course.

They’ve also included many things they teach those paying them $250,000 per year or more for their guidance into this course. The Knowledge Business Blueprint really is mindblowing and can help you transform all aspects of your life and help you reach a new, higher level of wellbeing. Not to mention it provides you with all the tools and knowledge needed to start your path to a very lucrative and fulfilling career.



No pain, no gain!

However, having the right kind of people, people who are already where you want to get, guiding you can make the ration between the pain and gain much more favorable for the latter.

We honestly want to be 100% transparent and provide you with the best possible and most useful information. Even though we tried many other things online, Wealthy Affiliate and Knowledge Business Blueprint, are the only two we are really 100% convinced that they overdeliver and provide you with enormous value. Both of these two options have the potential to set you on a new path towards your financial freedom. But you will need to put in some work and time, of course. Nothing happens overnight!

Based on our experience online and offline, there is no super fast or super simple way to get tons of money or “get rich” overnight hack. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THINGS PROMISING THAT SORT OF RESULTS TURNED OUT TO BE A SCAM or ACTUALLY REQUIRED lots and lots of hours of hustle and shady methods to convince other people to join their program. Really ugly and morally unacceptable ways.

As a rule of thumb, you can trust this guide: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, YOU MUST TREAT IT WITH CAUTION. Guys in Lamborghinis flashing you with tons of money are also normally a red flag. So pay extra attention if you decide to go looking for online opportunities on your own.

If you are extremely lucky and find a loophole that works in such a way, it most likely won’t work for long and it sure won’t be fulfilling for you in the long run.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and as soon as we encounter any valid and legit option that passes our high standards, we will share it with you.

Take AWAYs

For now, WA and KBB are the only two options we are 100% comfortable sharing with you as we know for sure they provide amazing quality, very useful information and both have the potential to change your life. We hope you will find the courage to take a chance on either one or even both of them. Remember, they both have money-back policies (in case you are not satisfied with their product), which they strictly respect.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
-Tony Robbins


BONUS: Do you want to start by establishing only location freedom?

There are many other valid ways to make money online. However, those also include trading time for money and normally start with low hourly ratings. Essentially those are places where you can offer your services to other individuals or businesses. However, they only offer you location freedom – you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.

  • Are you able to write solid content?

One of such options is to start writing online. You start at the bottom but it enables you to progress rather fast and earn more if you deliver good content. After 40 approved articles you can make quite an impressive income if your rating exceeds 4.85. The platform we use is iWriter and you can apply here.

  • Do you have any skills you want to earn money with?

Another good place where you can offer your skills (translations, writing, web design, data analysis, course creation, SEO, music editing, video editing, LOGO design, etc.) and earn a full-time payment is Fiverr. In the beginning, you will have to offer cheap services but as you build your rating you can start to raise your price. Another way is to promote your profile by paying for ads. Click here to create your account.

There are many similar freelancing sites out there. Another highly reputable is Freelancer. By clicking the following link, you will get to create your account and earn 15€ credit for FREE.

  • Do you want to test websites and earn money?

This is also possible. But the tests are not as often as one would like and you can’t you must qualify to take a test. However, they do pay out regularly and you can make $15 in 10 min, which is not bad at all. Click here to start.

  • Would you just like to travel and are willing to do basically any job?

Well, guess what? There are people all across the globe and they need all sorts of services. Housekeeping, cooking, bartending, teaching, babysitting, housesitting, dog walking, … basically, all “standard” time-for-money jobs that are available all across the globe. However, make sure you don’t violate visa conditions or any other official rules, which could get you into serious trouble.


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