Country Nr 2 – Tunisia

On Sunday, the 2nd of September we flew from Istanbul to our second destination - Tunis, the capital and the largest city of Tunisia. Tunis is known for its vibrant culture, laid-back vibe, exotic appeal, beautiful architecture, historic monuments, and breath-taking views. It surely managed to take our breath away. ;) ♥ We had two days and a half to explore this amazing city. Where to stay We were staying at a wonderful guest house called Dar la Leila. The location was not that great (it was pretty far from the main attractions, however, it has good connections), but everything else...

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Country Nr 1 – Turkey

196xLOVE Turkey

Our crazy adventure has finally begun!!! :D   On Friday, the 31 st of August we flew from Ljubljana to Istanbul. During the flight, we were blessed with breathtaking skies and tasty food. We arrived in Istanbul at 12. 40 Pm. At the airport, we had a hard time deciding whether to take a bus or a taxi/Uber/shuttle to our hotel, as we always do. Eventually, we decided on the latter in order to start off slowly and comfortably. It took us about half an hour to get to the hotel. The driver was really nice, he even agreed to be...

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Za vse, ki vas zanimajo podrobnosti o potovanju 196xLOVE sva pripravila (čisto iskrene :) ) odgovore na morebitna vprašanja. Če imate še kakšna dodatna vprašanja v zvezi s projektom, sva zmeraj dosegljiva preko elektronske pošte. Z veseljem bova odgovorila in vam pomagala pri pripravi lastnih popotniških avantur! ;) Kdaj je predviden štart? Če bo vse po sreči, se bova na pot okoli sveta podala 31.8.2018. :) Koliko časa bo trajala ekspedicija 196xLOVE? Cilj je podreti rekord za najhitreje prepotovane države sveta, v igri pa so pravzaprav trije različni rekordi. V kategoriji posameznikov je trenutni rekord dobrih 18 mesecev, v kategoriji...

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196xLOVE Q&A

SI For all those who want to know more about the project 196xLOVE, we have prepared some (very honest :) ) answers to possible questions. If you have any additional questions about the project, don't hesitate to contact us via email. We will gladly answer and help you plan your own travel adventures! ;) 1. The starting date If everything goes as planned, we will start our expedition on August 31st, 2018. :) 2. The duration of 196xLOVE The goal is to break the world record for the fastest time to travel to all sovereign countries. There are three options. In...

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Our Africa bucket list

196xLOVE Africa bucket list

As you may or may not already know, in 2018 and 2019 we are planning to take a trip around the world in an attempt to become the first couple to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in Guinness World Record time. ;) We will promote love, peace, and sustainability. Read more about project 196xLOVE here. First, we will visit all 54 independent countries in Africa. We will only have time to visit one destination in each country. Depending on the limited and changing transportation and accommodation options we will have to choose the exact destinations later on, but for now,...

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196xLOVE-about the project


The project In our first ever blog post in September 2017, we told you that we have 'something huge' planned for 2018; in the past few weeks, we have been dropping subtle hints on Instagram; and now, the time has come for the big announcement. :D :D :D In September 2018, we will set off on a trip around the world in an attempt to become the first couple to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in Guinness World Record time! :) ♥ The plan The plan is to visit each country's most romantic destination or most popular travel attraction in Guinness World...

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Top attractions in Slovenia

Slovenia top attractions Zelenci

We've already told you a lot about our wonderful home country in Home sweet home, but we haven't revealed Slovenia's top attractions. So here they are - the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Check it out! ;) Lake Bled (famous for the iconic small island in the middle of the lake, which features a picturesque church) Lake Bohinj (the largest lake in Slovenia - it's surrounded by mountains) Ljubljana (the charming medieval capital of Slovenia, famous for its stunning architecture, large beautiful parks, and a vibrant cultural life) Maribor (the second-largest city in Slovenia, surrounded by Pohorje Mountains and romantic vineyards) Postojna Cave...

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Yet another Caribbean cruise

Perfect beach resort honeymoon

After five weeks in Tennessee and a couple of days of road tripping through Florida, we decided to take another cruise in the Caribbean. This time we chose the Royal Caribbean cruise line, one of the most popular cruise line brands in the world. We booked a 4-day cruise to the breathtaking Bahamas and the charming Florida Keys. :) Royal Caribbean's 4-day Caribbean cruise itinerary DAY 1 At 4 pm the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship departed from Miami port and the fun began. With onboard pools and whirlpools, sports courts, a poolside screen, shops, a spa and fitness center, a...

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Tennessee honeymoon

Back in 2015, Matic had to go to the USA on business. He was asked to take a 5-week course in Knoxville, Tennessee. He wanted me to join him and since I was working as an online translator at the time, I was able to do so. In September we packed our bags and flew to Miami, Florida. There, we rented a car and drove to Knoxville. We rented a long stay hotel apartment with a private bathroom and a kitchen which became our new home for the next five weeks. Matic attended the course every weekday from 9 to 5. I used the time...

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