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How to Monetize Skills - Online Event Marketing Training

If you are looking for ways on how to make more money and more impact at the same time, ways to start a new business or take the existing one to the next level, determine your superpowers, monetize your passion, or quit ‘9 – 5’, then you are the right candidate for this ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training provided by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Let these two experts teach you how to monetize the skills you already have.

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My Experience with The Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training

I am Matic Pirc, a nuclear physicist. I was working in a nuclear power plant until 2018, which was not bad at all, but it sure wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d have wanted. I really wanted something more fulfilling, more impactful, and also more lucrative.

As such, I started exploring options online. This was a rather bumpy ride; I had to extract high-quality and useful information mixed with a ton of bulls***, scams, and misleading information.

Over time I’ve learned a lot about online marketing, websites, SEO, ads, photo editing, videos, and more. However, I still wasn’t able to get it all sorted out – I had a lot of knowledge and tools, however, there was no clear picture of what to do with it all in my head. I knew I had to discover ‘my superpowers’ that will help me make the most impact. I deeply wanted more freedom, more income but also to make a bigger contribution, to make a difference, however, I was lost and unable to breakthrough.

Despite the fact I did my best to somehow connect the two aspects, I always fell short and was either making more money or making more impact. I really felt first hand, that it is one thing to get a job and simply do what you’re told and something completely different to start your own thing, to create your own business from scratch, build your own success. It really is something that requires a specific set of skills and a very driven, strong kind of mindset. And I truly lacked that.

All that changed once I’ve received the help of expert business consultants Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and their FREE Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training, which really opened my eyes and helped me set a new mindset.

I honestly believe that this online training is a must for all entrepreneurs and professionals interested in learning effective strategies to monetize their skills. It is a training that should be taken by every entrepreneur, every business owner, everyone who is not sure whether college is the right path for them, and for all individuals who want to start their own business or take the existing business and life to a higher level.

This Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training is absolutely for everyone who wants to make more money and have a greater impact at the same time.

The Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training Benefits

In this free Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training, or should I say workshop, you get a chance to listen to two professional expert business consultants, doers and multimillionaires, who both made it from nothing – Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins.


They have over 60 years of combined experience in helping others succeed in business and are now ready to share their wisdom with you.


They will teach you how you can extract the knowledge you already have and use it to help others who will be happy to pay for your help. They’ve already taught over 21k other individuals, who have successfully implement their wisdom.

THE FULL LIST OF WISDOM you will gain from this FREE Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training:

  1. How to Extract a skill, expertise or passion you have and get a flood of people excited to pay you for it.
  2. Why the tech shouldn’t be the thing that is holding you back… in fact, I’ll share my favorite places to start and bonus: they are FREE.
  3. Why writing a book, creating a course or being a consultant is NOT the fastest way to impact and profits.
  4. The secret Tony and Dean both used when they first got started to launch their biz before they were experts

The Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training has the potential of changing your life for good. Honestly, it has done so for over 21k people, and you could be one who those. They all thought that something like that wasn’t possible before.


This Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training will open your eyes and present you with an incredible opportunity to make more, way more money in a fulfilling way, helping others achieve their goals based on your knowledge.


This training can help you create more time, more freedom, and it can add an unimaginable amount of quality to your life.

Despite all those benefits, just getting a chance to listen to the words of wisdom, knowledge, and experience from two sincere and highly successful expert business consultants and event strategists Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins is well worth investing 90 minutes of your time. Would you agree? 


Trust me, their amazing positive energy and enthusiasm alone will have an incredibly positive effect on you.



I personally wish someone had shown me this course when I was at the end of high school. It would have saved me from wasting 6 years at the university and made me go straight for a fulfilling life.

But as it turns out, I at least got to use my degree for some time. In the USA there is over 27 percent of people who spend the best years of their lives ‘chasing a paper’ and a lot of money and then never user their degree. Shocking right? And I personally know quite many of that sort of individuals.



My advice to all of you who are considering going to college:




For example, if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, then there is no other way then going to college.


But if you want to learn how to run a successful business or a specific set of skills, running online or live events, then there are countless better, cheaper, and faster ways than college. And probably the best option among all those is the Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training. Start by listening to Dean and Tony’s free training and see where it gets you.



In my opinion, Tony and Dean can teach you more in a week than most college course will in years. 

If you decide to invest in yourself and enrolling in the Knowledge Business Blueprint 2.0, you will never regret it.
The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) 2.0 tops any online college, I bet it also tops any in-person business colleges and event organizing university courses. 


The KBB will not only provide you with a set of skills and tools that you can use right away and start earning and impacting lives. Furthermore, it will also help you gain powerful wisdom and mindset that will shift your life on a much higher level.

What Others Have to Say About The Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training

In case you haven’t taken my word for it, watch the video and see what some of the users, who were also blown away by the incredible quality Dean and Tony delivered, have to say.

Since you’ve honestly got nothing to lose with this FREE Ultimate Skills Monetization Online Event Marketing Training, I really advise you to save your seat ASAP.

Whether you are from Dean’s town Scottsdale Arizona, Florida, Washington, or any other state or even country, as long as you can understand English you really don’t want to miss this opportunity to finally learn how to make a difference, how to make more money and have a greater impact at the same time.


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