Country Nr 35 – Republic of the Congo

Country 35/196: Congo Destination: Brazzaville Dates: From 3rd to 5th of December Brazzaville is a beautiful, modern, peaceful, and a rather clean city with ambitions to become an ecotourism destination. The city may be the perfect combination of the urban, the rural, and the African. We will forever remember Brazzaville as the city of beautiful sights and exceptionally friendly people. ♥ What to do and what to see in Brazzaville? Brazzaville is the capital and the largest city in the Republic of the Congo. It is located on the north side of the Congo river and it's known for its...

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Country Nr 34 – Cameroon

Country 34/196: Cameroon Destinations: Douala, Limbe Dates: From 1st to 3rd of December We were staying in the country's largest city - Douala, but since we're kind of tired of staying in big cities, we decided to take a daily trip to Limbe - a charming coastal town with a relaxed vibe and many beautiful sights. It was a great experience! Besides, the road to Limbe is pretty adventurous in itself, especially due to the fact that there were 9 of us sharing a tiny cab (it's called a minibus, but it's really just a regular car). ;) What to...

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