196xLOVE Q&A


For all those who want to know more about the project 196xLOVE, we have prepared some (very honest 🙂 ) answers to possible questions. If you have any additional questions about the project, don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We will gladly answer and help you plan your own travel adventures! 😉

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1. The starting date

If everything goes as planned, we will start our expedition on August 31st, 2018. 🙂

2. The duration of 196xLOVE

The goal is to break the world record for the fastest time to travel to all sovereign countries. There are three options. In order to break the current record for individuals, we would have to travel to all sovereign countries in less than 18 months, the current record for teams (two people or more) is set at 3.5 years, and the third options is to set the record for married couples. Since no married couple has ever been this crazy to travel to all sovereign countries before, there is actually no time limit. 🙂

Moreover, it’s impossible to predict the exact duration of the project. These kinds of expeditions are highly unpredictable. We may encounter some difficulties that would make it hard or even impossible for us to continue our journey. Bureaucratic, political, health or personal issues may arise and it could happen after a week, a month or a year. The truth be told, our project represents a big logistic challenge, therefore it’s impossible to predict whether we will make it/how far we will make it (fingers crossed! 🙂 ). After all, we will put our safety and well-being first – we owe it to each other, to our family and friends.

Anyway, the duration of the project is really not as important as having fun, acquiring knowledge, sharing information, and spreading love. 😉

3. The planned destinations

We are planning to visit all 196 sovereign countries (193 UN countries + Taiwan, the State of Vatican City, and Kosovo).

4. Travel and sustainability

Full disclosure: tourism is hardly sustainable. The best thing any of us can do for the environment is to stay at home, to walk to work, and to minimize our electricity/water consumption – that is a fact. It’s also a fact that we are doing our best to protect the environment (even and especially in our free time) and that we love to travel. It’s a common paradox. We are well aware of it, but we cannot help it.

Tourism is first and foremost an industry and as such it has a negative impact on the environment. However, we can still do our best to make it more sustainable.

As far as carbon footprint is concerned, our project will have a negative impact on the environment. It would be way better to travel by foot or by bicycles, which is, since we wish to travel to all sovereign countries, sadly impossible. Our carbon footprint will be big, but we will try to offset it by planting the required number of trees.

To make our project more environmentally friendly, we will try to do 10-minute clean-ups wherever and whenever possible, we will encourage local authorities to start recycling, we will not eat beef, lamb or pork (since animal agriculture has a negative impact on the environment), and we will try to set an example by minimizing waste, using eco-friendly products, and by choosing sustainable accommodation wherever possible.

To sum up, we will do our best to make our environmentally unfriendly trip as sustainable as possible and we promise to make up for any damage our project may cause in spite of our efforts.

5. How will we be able to afford it?

We will cover a part of the expenses with the money we have saved in the past five years, the other part will be covered by our sponsors.

Now, about that… Crowdfunding travels is an ancient practice. Countless explorers crowdfunded their travels, including Christopher Columbus. Today, in a slightly different way, getting paid for traveling is thriving more than ever. Nowadays, countless companies invest their money in online promotion. They hire influencers to promote their products on social media. It’s a common practice, which can be very profitable for the influencers as well as the companies, whose products they promote.

Since we want to stay true to ourselves, we only wish to collaborate with companies/brands with similar interests, and we will make sure to only write honest opinions and reviews.

If you are interested in collaboration, you can find out more here.

6. The goals of this expedition

Our past adventures have completely changed our lives. We became much more aware of the beauty our planet has to offer as well as of the problems it faces. An uncontrollable desire to see and help the world was born. We came up with a project that can do both – 196xLOVE enables us to travel the world and to promote peace (which can also be defined as love for people), sustainability (aka. love for nature), and love in any other form. With visual content from all across the globe, we will try to prove that love is, in fact, everywhere and everything.

We will not promote these concepts just for the sake of it. We actually believe in them and we will always strive to give them as much attention as possible.

One of our goals is to provide our readers with as much detailed information about certain destinations as possible. We will do our best to post photos, videos, and articles as often as possible. 😉

On the long run, our goal is to create an online business, which will enable us to work from wherever and give us enough free time, which we would invest in environmental and charitable activities as well as in other travel adventures.

7. The importance of achieving the Guinness world record

Achieving the Guinness world record isn’t important for us personally, but it does add value to the project, which makes it easier for us to get some sponsors, to raise awareness and to spread love. 🙂

8. Work or vacation?

Given that the project includes a lot of logistic coordination, bureaucratic work, travel organization, sharing travel information, taking, editing, and sharing photos and videos, brand collaborations, volunteering and raising awareness, it’s definitely going to be a lot of work. Nevertheless, we will make sure to take a few moments at each destination to appreciate the surroundings and enjoy each other’s company. This is non-negotiable. 😉

9. Why do we want to visit all sovereign countries?

While some people collect coins, others collect paintings, we apparently collect passport stamps. To each their own. 😉

The simple truth is that we love to travel. Travel broadens horizons, breaks stereotypes, and changes lives. The thing we appreciate the most while traveling is diversity. And it’s definitely easier to find diversity in 196 countries than in one single country (although we do come from an unusually diverse European country 😉 ).


If you find the project and its message interesting, you are more than welcome to follow our adventure, to give us some travel/environmental/life advice, and to help us spread love. ♥

Have a wonderful day!!! 😉

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